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A Tradition 100s of Years in the Making

Nearly 400 years ago, the ruling council of Oberammergau made a valiant effort to safeguard their hamlet against the Black Death plague. They sought deliverance by performing a Passion Play on a stage built over the graves of plague victims. Surviving villagers mad a vow to reenact the Passion of Christ every 10 years as an act of gratitude and remembrance. Through the centuries, Oberammergau's Passion Play has risen in prestige, drawing pilgrims from around the world. Performed on one of the world's largest stages, the Passionspielhaus, the play now features a cast of nearly 2,000 village residents transformed from Bavarian farmers and townsfolk into Roman centurions, Jewish villagers and other Biblical characters. The tradition lives on, respected around the globe as the world's most historic and spectacular Passion Play. On this program, experience the 42nd production of this time-honored tradition in addition to exploring the authentic art, architecture, culture adn history of the Ottoman, Habsburg and Holy Roman Empires. Visit Budapest, Vienna, and Salzburg while immersing yourself in the medieval past. 

Program Highlights: 

  • Witness the time-honored tradition, the Oberammergau Passion Play
  • Visit the neo-Gothic limestone Parliament Building of Budapest
  • Tour the Romanesque, 14th-century Cathedral of St. Martin and the elaborate Primatial Palace, and see St. Michael's Gate, Bratislava's oldest preserved medieval fortification built in 1300
  • Explore the lavish summer estate of hte imperial Habsburgs, the site of where 6-year-old Mozart first performed for Empress Maria Theresa and her daughter, Marie Antoinette
  • Arrive at Salzburg, the setting for several scenes in The Sound of Music and home of the Alter Markt, the city's old marketplace where burghers' houses date back to the middle ages
  • Stop by King Ludwig II's fairy-tale Neuschwantsein, one of the world's most photographed castles and the Romanesque Revival inspiration for Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle
Event Itinerary 

Optional Pre-Tour: Hungarian Tradition in Budapest

Day 1 & 2: Depart US for Budapest, Hungary
Day 3: Budapest
Day 4: Bratislava, Slovakia
Day 5: Vienna, Austria
Day 6: Melk
Day 7: Passau, Germany / Salzburg, Austria / Oberammergau, Germany
Day 8: Oberammergau Passion Play
Day 9: Oberammergau / Neuschwanstein Castle / Munich
Day 10: Munich
Day 11: Depart

Optional Post-Tour: Berlin and Potsdam

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Jane Carroll
Jane Carroll

Jane Carroll is senior lecturer in art history at Dartmouth, specializing in the art of Northern Europe from late medieval times to the Early Modern period. She has researched and written on Dutch and German art, focusing on how artworks argue for selected religious ideology, both during the reform of the religious orders and during the Reformation. Her other interests include early prints, and the role of women in the arts especially during the Middle Ages. Recently she has expanded her research to explore depictions of marriage. Fluent in German, she spent five years living in Munich and looks forward to sharing her love of Southern Germany with Dartmouth travelers. 

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