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Trip Highlights

• Be one of the few to travel aboard a 75,000-HP nuclear-powered icebreaker as you navigate the frozen Arctic Sea.
• Endless wildlife-viewing and birding opportunities at sea and in Russia’s Franz Josef Land Archipelago, home to polar bear and walrus, in 24-hour daylight.
• The ultimate polar experience and a unique global perspective at the geographic North Pole – 90 degrees North, Top of the World.

Unparalleled Photography

The Polar Regions are perhaps the most photogenic on earth, with countless beautiful scenes presenting themselves every day. Endless expanses of ice, beaches crowded with seals or penguins, sunsets over unbroken horizons, starlit skies, and even the majestic northern lights – they all present fantastic photographic opportunities – and in order to make sure that you come home with some spectacular images we offer you the chance to learn and practice your photography alongside an experienced professional.

Our expert Photographer will be on hand to answer your questions and give advice, both in the form of on-board lectures and workshops on shore. Explore the key elements of photography in a fun and relaxed setting, with plenty of opportunities for questions and feedback. Learn how to see light in a new way and experiment with the techniques of composition and framing.

Explore by Helicopter

A helicopter aboard the 50 Years of Victory in our North Pole cruises lets our passengers be more than just spectators in this intrepid mission.

Time, weather and/or ice conditions permitting, you will experience breathtaking helicopter rides over the icebreaker as it plows its way through the ice. Just imagine how amazing photo ops this adventure provides!
The helicopter is also used to land on wild Franz Josef Land islands where we cannot use Zodiacs. So, our North Pole passengers are never far from the action. The helicopter landings and rides during the North Pole cruise are included.

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Event Itinerary 

Day 1: Arrive Murmansk, Russia
Day 2: Embarkation in Murmansk
Day 3-6: The Voyage North
Day 7: North Pole - Top of the World
Day 8-10: Exploration of Franz Josef Land
Day 11-12: The Voyage South
Day 13: Disembark Murmansk / Depart Murmansk

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Donald K. Perovich

Don Perovich is Professor of Engineering at Dartmouth College's Thayer School of Engineering. An expert on sea ice geophysics and the interaction of sunlight with ice and snow, Professor Perovich is a frequent visitor to the earth's polar extremes in the course of his pursuit of Arctic system and climate change research. He is the chair of the Climate and Cryosphere Arctic Sea Ice Working Group of the World Climate Research Program of the United Nations and the co-lead of the MOSAiC Sea Ice Team and a member of the board of the MOSAiC Project.  He is a recipient of the NASA Group Achievement Award (2012), U.S. Army Commanders Award for Civilian Service (2013, 2012, 1999), Army CRREL Lifetime Achievement Award (2011), U.S. Coast Guard Arctic Service Medal (2011, 2010), and NSF Arctic Service Award (1999). He received his B.S. from Michigan State University and his M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Washington. 

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