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$500 discount extended to all guests under the age of 18

Antarctica may be at the end of the Earth, but Dartmouth Alumni Travel and Lindblad Expeditions have been bringing guests here for decades— safely sharing all the wonders of this vast land and sea. Join us to experience the thrill of crunching through the sea ice aboard our fleet of three state-of-the-art expedition ships to see scores of penguins and whales. People come for the wildlife but fall in love with the ice: an entire museum of colossal and magical ice forms defying description. And you’ll get a front seat to the dashing history of the Heroic Age of Exploration. Armed with a flexible itinerary that allows us to go where conditions are best and wildlife is most active, we’ll experience all the splendor of Antarctica. Venture into channels and coves framed by towering peaks. Watch whales play off the bow; glide around enormous icebergs in Zodiacs; photograph penguin colonies with a National Geographic photographer; and hike, kayak, and even possibly cross-country ski in complete tranquility.

  • Explore the world’s last great wilderness in the company of a team of top naturalists celebrating Lindblad’s 50-plus years of expedition heritage
  • Hike on magnificent mountains and see huge glaciers, plus observe thousands of penguins: gentoos, Adelie, and chinstrap
  • Kayak in protected waters, paddling as penguins swim nearby
  • Zodiac cruise in ice-choked channels and land on distant shores to explore on foot

Voyage Rates:

Double Occupancy
Category 1 = $ 15,380
Category 2 = $ 16,470
Category 3 = $ 17,050
Category 4 = $ 18,330

Double Occupancy
Category 5 = $ 22090
Category 6 = $ 25,180
Category 7 = $ 287,60

Single Occupancy
Solo A = $ 20,390
Solo B = $ 21,270

  • $500 discount extended to all guests under the age of 18
  • Voyage Routing: Guests fly to and from Ushuaia via Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Deposit: $2,500 Advance Payment per person
Event Itinerary 

Day 1-2: U.S./Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Day 3: Fly to Ushuaia, Argentina/Embark
Day 4: At Sea Crossing the Drake Passage
Day 5: Exploring Antarctica
Day 6: Exploring Antarctica
Day 7: Exploring Antarctica
Day 8: Exploring Antarctica
Day 9: Exploring Antarctica
Day 10: Exploring Antarctica
Day 11-12: At Sea
Day 13-14: Disembark Ushuaia/Fly to Buenos Aires

The Antarctic Peninsula stretches over 800 miles from north to south, a spine of craggy peaks cut by dozens of deep fjords. It’s an enormous region with many different faces and ever-changing weather, which is what makes Lindblad Expeditions’ long experience here so important. Five decades of exploration has given Lindblad an unparalleled knowledge of the region, allowing us to stay flexible and respond to changing conditions, turn on a dime and select the optimal activity for each day. We plan to be out daily, exploring in our Zodiacs, hiking at penguin colonies, discovering remote bays, photographing wildlife, and learning fascinating details from the naturalists and other experts who accompany us on every excursion. We make transits of world-famous passages like the Lemaire Channel and Antarctic Sound and go ashore on the continent itself, but we also visit equally amazing islands and places that you’ve never heard of, yet!

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This trip will no longer have a Dartmouth faculty lead aboard.

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Lindblad Expeditions