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At the height of the Pax Romana, between the reigns of Augustus and Trajan, the Roman Empire stood at the pinnacle of its glory, dominating almost two million square miles, from Hadrian’s Wall in northern England to the Caspian Sea in Asia. Roman law and Roman culture to a great extent based on the culture of ancient Greece, knew no rival, and during this tranquil period, Christianity was born.

Eventually, Rome declined and its empire disappeared. But much of Rome’s legacy – its language, law, literature, and architecture, was preserved for eternity, in no small way thanks to Christianity. And Christianity might have remained obscure had not a Jew named Paul carried the new faith to the greatest cities of the Empire. Paul of Tarsus incorporated tenets of Greek classical tradition and Judaism into the new faith.

Our journey is designed to explore sites that are richly associated with some of the most dramatic moments in the history of the rise of Christianity set in the context of the Greco-Roman culture of Paul’s life and times. In Greece, we will explore cosmopolitan Thessaloniki, the biblical Thessalonica, where Paul founded a Christian community in mid-first century A.D.; ancient Philippi, an important stop in Paul’s apostolic mission; and Veria (the biblical Berea), where Paul spent time. We will also visit Athens, where in A.D. 51 Paul preached on “the Unknown God,” and Corinth, where Paul spent 18 months. In Ephesus, Turkey, one of the world’s greatest ancient cities, we will walk the same street Paul walked and sit in the vast theater where the Ephesians rioted against Paul.

Join us on this fascinating journey that traces the path of St. Paul and explores the emergence of Christianity around the fabled Aegean Sea.

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Day 1: Depart the United States
Day 2: Thessaloniki, Greece
Day 3: Thessaloniki
Day 4: Thessaloniki / Philippi / Kavala / Thessaloniki
Day 5: Thessaloniki / Samos
Day 6: Samos / Ephesus / Samos
Day 7: Samos
Day 8: Samos / Patmos / Samos
Day 9: Samos / Athens
Day 10: Athens
Day 11: Athens / Corinth / Athens
Day 12: Athens / United States 

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Lindsay Whaley

Lindsay Whaley is Professor of Classics and Linguistics at Dartmouth College and the former Associate Dean for International and Interdisciplinary Studies, former Associate Provost for International Initiatives, and former Interim Vice Provost at Dartmouth. He is an expert on linguistics and language typology, including endangered languages and Greek language. He has previously hosted Dartmouth Alumni travel tours to Greece and has lectured on Greek language at Dartmouth on Location events. His Dartmouth courses include Beginning Classical Greek, Readings in Greek Prose and Poetry, and New Testament Greek. Professor Whaley received his B.A. from Calvin College and his M.A. and Ph.D. from SUNY Buffalo. 

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