Class Awards 2013

Dartmouth College
Recognizes with Deep Appreciation
the Extraordinary Achievements of

Joseph R. Mannes '80
2014 Treasurer of the Year

Joe, since 2005 you have been an exemplary treasurer for the great Class of 1980. Over these past ten years you have demonstrated extraordinary dedication and attention to detail while making it fun along the way.

Your classmates praise your hard work. Class co-president Brian Boyer says, "As a result of Joe's capable and steady hand, the class finances have been in solid shape for as long as any of the current officers can remember. Joe is the epitome of selfless dedication as well, as evidenced by his willingness to devote innumerable volunteer hours imparting his wisdom to other class treasurers." Co-president Cami Bilger adds, "Joe is amazing--he is thorough, focused, professional, and a lot of fun, too, when we see him at COW and reunions--our class is very lucky to have Joe as one of our members. He is terrific!" Brian and Cami also commend you on your leadership in achieving some of the highest dues participation rates of any class in recent years, using multiple effective solicitations by print and email each year.

Jennifer Casey and the Dartmouth staff laud your efforts as well: "Joe has been the perfect leader for the Dartmouth Class Treasurer's Association. He is always looking ahead for the next big thing that the group should be addressing while also jumping in on the day-to-day work of the association. His generosity with his time and expertise, coupled with his good humor, are a wonderful mix."

Your service to the College and to your community have not gone unnoticed: you have been a reunion treasurer and a volunteer for the Dartmouth College Fund; you judge chili cook-offs and pie bake-offs in Dallas, where you live with your wife, Victoria, and your three daughters; and your local YMCA named you "Father of the Year" in 2004. You come from a true Dartmouth family too: you followed your father to Hanover and your brother trailed you just a few years later. On campus, you were a member of Kappa Kappa Kappa, played in the marching band, and studied abroad in France. After majoring in French and philosophy at Dartmouth, you went on to Penn, where you received your MBA. Today you are president of Samco Capital Markets.

For the past four years as vice president and then president of the Treasurer's Association, you have done a remarkable job steering the group, leaving everything better than how you found it. Want proof? As you would say, "It's on the website."

In appreciation for everything you have done for your class, for the Treasurer's Association, and for Dartmouth, it is an honor to present you with this award for the 2014 Class Treasurer of the Year.