Jeffrey B. Fine '99 (right) was presented the 2011-12 Dartmouth Alumni Award by Beth Krakower '93 during Class Officers Weekend 2011.

It's a familiar story: you took a campus tour of Dartmouth College, fell instantly in love, and realized without a doubt that this was the place for you. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending as you were accepted early decision, and after graduating from Milton Academy, made your way to the Hanover Plain.

You greatly enjoyed your Dartmouth experience, during which time you were an undergraduate advisor for three years, a member of the Dartmouth Palayers, a math major, and a cum laude graduate. You then attended Northwestern University and obtained a master’s degree in engineering. The beginning of a successful marketing career ensued, and currently you put your analytical mind to work as an associate director of media analytics at Ogilvy & Mather in Chicago.

 You’re the first to admit that you don’t “sit still well,” which helps to explain your acquired passion for distance running. In fact, in just two weeks, you will participate in the 2011 Chicago Marathon – your fourth marathon to date.

Thankfully for us, you expend much of that boundless energy on your alma mater as well. For the Dartmouth Club of Chicago, you have served as vice president and as a member of its executive committee. You have served as president and vice president of both the Class Treasurers and Class Mini-Reunion Chairs Associations. Your biggest labor of love, however, is working for the great Class of 1999, which you have served in almost every capacity imaginable: as treasurer for seven years, webmaster, class agent, mini-reunion chair, 5th Reunion co-chair, 10th Reunion chair, and, currently, president.

The variety of roles keeps things exciting and different for you, and your class is stronger as a result. Volunteering for the College started out as a means of giving back to an institution that has given you so much, and has evolved into a wonderful learning experience that has provided you with lasting friendships along the way.

Amidst your busy schedule in the Windy City, those closest to you know you always make time for another source of joy in your life, your dog Wrigley. Adopted soon after your 5th Reunion, she was your inspiration for running two marathons for charity, which helped to support and raise funds for PAWS Chicago, the city's largest animal shelter.

Running is an appropriate metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it. Jeff, for the countless hours and all the hard work you have put into making Dartmouth a better place, it is our great honor to present you with the Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award.

Dartmouth Alumni Council
September 23, 2011