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June 14, 2007, Conference Call (6:30 PM EDT)

Participants: David Spalding, Bill Hutchinson, Tim Dreisbach, Alex Mooney, Kate Aiken, Frank Gado, Kathryn Wallop, Marji Ross, Martin Boles, Cheryl Bascomb

Unavailable: David Gale (Bill Hutchinson has received David Gale's proxy)

1. May 25, 2007, Executive summary

  • Discussed renaming "executive summary" the "minutes;" thus removing any perception that there might be more than one transcription of any given executive committee meeting/conference call.
  • The level of detail in the May 25 notes is adequate. A verbatim record of a meeting/conference call was not deemed necessary.
  • Moving forward, when recording minutes, the note taker should capture significant comments so the nature of any debate/argument leading up to a vote is captured;
  • An amendment was made, seconded, and unanimously approved to rename the aforesaid "executive summary" the "minutes;" Minutes from 5/25/07 were then discussed in further detail;
  • Two corrections were made;
  • Revised minutes from 5/25/07 were approved unanimously.

2. Setting a Schedule for future Executive Committee conference calls

  • Bill suggested having meetings every two weeks; one during the day and one in the evening.
  • After some discussion, the decision was made to test the first Tuesday and third Thursday of July and August for the next four conference calls.This schedule might also inform a future decision on the number of calls per month.
  • It was decided that on the first Tuesday calls will be at 8:00 pm EDT, and on the third Thursday calls will be at noon EDT;
  • This schedule will be followed for July (7/3/07, 7/19/07) and August 8/7/07, 8/16.
  • Kathryn stated she couldn't make daytime meetings; but did allow that she would consult with her principal re joining morning calls (MT) once school commences.

3. Procedures for theConduct of meetings/conference calls

  • Frank opened a discussion on the resolutions he had presented to the executive committee via email prior to the conference call;
  • He explained the reasoning for the resolutions.
  • Frank proposed resolution number one be considered for discussion and a vote.

1. Resolved, That meetings of the Executive Committee, as well as of plenary sessions of the Association, will be conducted in a manner consistent with the standard version of Robert's Rules of Order, with such exceptions as are approved by a majority vote of the committee. As Robert's provides, the presiding offer may take part in the discussion without surrendering the chair, lead the meeting, and vote on all motions; such informality as expedites the business of the committee is permitted, and even encouraged, but any committee member, at any time, may invoke a reversion to Robert's Rules, which will then automatically govern.

A discussion of Roberts Rules of Order and using same to run conference calls and meetings followed.A few committee members had not had a chance to read/study Frank's resolutions.

  • Cheryl Bascomb dropped off the call and gave her proxy to David Spalding.
  • The suggestion was made to study Roberts Rules of Order before voting on it.In the meantime, Tim will provide the committee with a url for viewing Roberts Rules...Frank withdrew his request to have a motion on his first resolution.
  • Tim then proposed that Frank's five motions be studied along with the "Rules" and voted on in the next meeting.The motion was unanimously passed.
  • To be determined, among other things, is procedure to follow if or when consensus fails.

4. Update on a June 9, 2007 meeting with Petition Trustees(participants included David Gale, Frank Gado and Tim Dreisbach)

  • This was a background meeting;
  • The petition trustees had stated a position.Frank reported on that position:The petition trustees said our [Association of Alumni executive committee's] letter to the Board had prevented a fundamental change to the Trustee nomination process.They were speaking as individuals, not as trustees.
  • Bill reported on his discussion with Ed Haldeman, newly elected chairman of the Board, who had sought him out.Ed had indicated that he wanted to maintain a dialogue.They discussed how trustees are seeking input from the alumni.Ed had suggested that Bill talk to Trustee Christine Bucklin, chair, Governance Committee;
  • Alex Mooney expressed his disapproval that no letter had been forthcoming from the Trustees to the Executive committee;
  • The Executive committee would like to meet with the Trustees;
  • David Gale's June 9, 2007 proposals to inform alumni about the Trustee Governance Committee's study of the size, composition and method of selecting trustees were discussed.
  • There was a discussion of sending an email to all alumni regarding the Trustee Governance Committee findings.The secretary pointed out that the Association does not have a separate email list and that the College determines the use of its lists and therefore it would not send an email duplicating that of Ed Haldeman's.There was discussion that this communication from the Association might have additional information.
  • Tim proposed that we do something to notify alumni of the Board process which would include a link to the Board comment site.
  • In the above regard, Tim moved that the Executive Committee ask David Gale if he would accept the assignment between now and the next call (July 3, 2007) of preparing an "informative and balanced" communication to the alumni.The motion was called to a vote and passed unanimously.Bill Hutchinson will contact David Gale.
  • Alex asked to be removed from the Association's blog email list.David Spalding will put in the request for Alex.

5. Balloting Committee

  • Bill felt that this could be key to the board's work and was something the Executive Committee should turn to first.Not all "standing" committees (Balloting or Nominating) have been filled.
  • Tim asked that a description of the different committees' roles be circulated, which Bill will do.
  • There was consensus that the president has the constitutional power to fill the named committees: Balloting and Nominating.

6. Set next annual meeting and vote

  • Two options for the next meeting were briefly discussed: the first Tuesday after Commencement or during the period of the Trustee's spring meeting in Hanover.This will be discussed in full on the July 3 call.

7. Creation of task forces

  • There was discussion about whether or not the constitution permits the president to establish ad hoc committees/ working groups unilaterally.That conversation will be continued at the next meeting.
  • Bill was asked to begin to indicate who he wanted on these committees.Bill will circulate the names of those persons who have expressed interest in serving to date.
  • There was a brief but animated discussion on how funds should be allocated.Secretary-Treasurer David Spalding explained that the Association has no revenues, no expenses and no assets.As a result, the Association has no funds available for a mailing to all alumni.All funds spent on behalf of the Association are College funds allocated by the College.Should the Executive committee make discovery that the $75K budgeted in FY'08 for the Association's annual meeting, all-media voting and contingencies related to same be $65K, the Alumni Relations Office would possibly consider collaborating on how the difference might be re-allocated.The topic will be subject for further conversation.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

David Spalding
Secretary-Treasurer for the Association of Alumni
Vice President, Alumni Relations