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April 11, 2011: Conference Call

Participants: Gersh Abraham; Kate Strayer-Benton; Lynne Gaudet, secretary-treasurer; JB Daukas, president; Pete Bleyler, second vice president; Gary Love, first vice president; Ann Hackett, Belinda Chiu, Mark Alperin

Unavailable: Kivoe Hashimoto, Jeff Crowe

Lynne Gaudet provided a brief overview of the 2011 election results which are posted on Dartmouth Now and Vox the Vote. An early breakdown of voting results shows that 15.5% of alumni voted and 73% of the ballots were received electronically. Additional voting demographics will be made available over the next two to three weeks.

Lynne Gaudet described the processes which the Nominating and Alumni Trustee Search Committee of the Alumni Council and the Association of Alumni follow leading up to alumni trustee elections and/or Association of Alumni annual meetings and elections.

The Board of Trustees recently discussed consolidating its February and April meetings into one meeting in March followed by its June meeting at Commencement. That change could impact the timeline used over the last two to three years. The Board will also decide in June whether or not it will have alumni- nominated trustee position openings. Lynne explained that if the Board of Trustees notifies the Alumni Council that there are any openings for alumni nominated trustees, then the Nominating Committee will begin the process of communicating to alumni and collecting names of and research on potential candidates. Once that committee reports to the Council in December, the Association begins its work regarding the ballot for an alumni trustee election and/or Association of Alumni election.

A discussion about the work that had been completed by the previous Association of Alumni Executive Committee followed. In particular, the results of the Election Working Group and the Election Reform Study Committee that they had formed were addressed. The 2011 election and alumni feedback were also discussed.

The next conference call will be scheduled for late June.

Respectfully submitted,
Lynne Gaudet
Association of Alumni