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November 30, 2010 : Conference Call

Tuesday, Noon - 1 PM ET

Participants: John Mathias, Mark Alperin, John Engelman, Lynne Gaudet, Kaitlyn Jaxheimer,
Marianne Baldauf, Veree Brown, Otho Kerr

Unavailable: Ron Schram, Ron Harris, Doug Keare

Approval of minutes of 10/27/10 Conference Call
Veree Brown made the motion to approve the October 27 minutes. John Engelman seconded the
motion which passed unanimously.

Report from the Nominating Committee (Veree Brown, chair; John Engelman; Otho Kerr)
Veree presented the Nominating Committee's Association of Alumni slate for 2011: John
Daukas '84, president; Gary Love '76, first vice president; Peter Bleyler '61, second vice
president; Lynne Gaudet '81, secretary-treasurer; Executive Committee: Mark Alperin '80,
Gersh Abraham '58 '59Th; Ann Fritz Hackett '76; Kiyoe Hashimoto '95; Belinda Chiu '98; Jeff
Crowe '78; Kate Strayer-Benton '05.

The Nominating Committee was thanked.

The AoA Executive Committee agreed to post the announcement about the nominated slate next
week (week of December 6-10).

Review of 2011 Election Timeline
A discussion of the 2011 Association of Alumni and alumni trustee election timeline
guideline deadlines and production deadlines followed. The annual meeting will be held on April
9, 2011, in Hanover. Lynne Gaudet will reserve a venue for a late morning meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Gaudet