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October 27, 2010: Conference Call

Participants: John Mathias, Lynne Gaudet, John Engelman, Mark Alperin, Marian Baldauf, Douglas Keare, Veree Brown, Otho Kerr

Unavailable: Ron Schram, Ron Harris, Kaitlyn Jaxheimer

Approving the minutes from April 16, 2010

The motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes from July 21, 2010. No discussion ensued. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Balloting Committee Report (members: John Mathias, Ron Schram, Kaitlyn Jaxheimer, and Ron Harris):

Lynne Gaudet, secretary to the committee, reported that the Balloting Committee had a conference call on October 19 during which it reconfirmed the 2011 four-week voting period, March 9 to April 6; approved the combined word length for candidate biographies and statements for trustee; AOA officer and AOA executive committee members -- 700 (trustee candidates); 400 (AOA officers)/ 250 (AOA Executive Committee). Other decisions made: photos of AOA executive committee officers will appear only on Vox the Vote but not in print. Photos for trustee candidates and AOA officers will appear both in print and on the Vox the Vote website. Candidates may have a link from Vox the Vote to their respective email addresses, websites, and social network accounts. The above applies to all candidates. The Balloting Committee also approved the postcard notification that will be sent to all alumni following the approval by the Alumni Council of the alumni-nominated trustees at the Alumni Council meeting in December. Lastly, TrueBallot was approved as the balloting vendor for the 2011 election period.

Report from the Nominating Committee (Veree Brown, chair; Otho Kerr, John Engelman):

Veree Brown reported that the committee has worked hard to vet a list of potential candidates down to a slate of 11 alumni. It is currently narrowing its list down to the finalists and will not be ready to release that information until mid-November. Veree encouraged members of the Executive Committee to contact her and/or Otho and John if they had additional names to recommend. The AOA slate will be posted online on December 20, 2010.

Revision of the Association Guidelines:

Veree Brown made a motion that the AOA guidelines be edited to reflect prior approval of the new voting period of four weeks rather than six weeks. John Engelman seconded the motion. There was no discussion. The motion passed unanimousl

New business:


Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Gaudet
Association of Alumni