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June 29, 2010: Conference Call

Participants: Ron Schram, Otho Kerr, John Mathias, Kaitlyn Jaxheimer, Lynne Gaudet, Doug Keare, Ron Harris, Mark Alperin, Veree Brown

Unavailable: Marian Baldauf, John Engelman

Approving the minutes from April 16, 2010

President Mathias called for a motion to accept the minutes of April 16, 2010. Ron Schram moved that the minutes be approved. Doug Keare seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Timeline for 2011 Association of Alumni Executive Committee and Trustee Elections

The 2011 Association of Alumni and alumni trustee election timeline of guideline and production deadlines was reviewed. Doug Keare made a motion to approve the timeline. Ron Schram requested that the AOA website notice include the AOA election of the Executive Committee members in addition to the officers. With the aforementioned change, the motion was seconded and the updated timeline approved.

Agenda for the July 29 meeting with trustees Ed Haldeman and Steve Mandel

Discussion ensued regarding the July 29 agenda for the meeting with trustees Ed Haldeman and Steve Mandel. There was consensus that the upcoming conversation with trustees Mandel and Haldeman would be a continuation of an earlier discussion regarding alumni elections and the number of alumni nominated trustees. The committee agreed to reconvene in two weeks to continue its discussion and finalize an agenda for July 29.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Gaudet
Association of Alumni