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May 11, 2009: Conference Call

Present: John Mathias, Ron Harris, Doug Keare, Kaitlin Jaxheimer, David Spalding, Marian Baldauf, Veree Brown, Otho Kerr, Cheryl Bascomb, Ron Schram, Lynne Gaudet

Absent: John Engelman


1. Approval of the minutes from April 13, 2009
2. 2009 Association of Alumni Election
3. 2010 election time-line

1. Doug Keare moved approval of the minutes of the April 13, 2009, meeting. Kaitlin seconded the motion, which was unanimously passed.

2. The 2009 election was discussed. John Mathias thanked everyone who worked so hard to get the amendment passed. He particularly acknowledged the good work of the Alumni Council. Discussion ensued.

3. A preliminary 2010 election time-line was generally outlined. Discussion ensued.

Respectfully submitted,

David Spalding
Association of Alumni