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December 20, 2007, Conference Call

12:00 Noon

Participants: David Spalding, William Hutchinson, Cheryl Bascomb, Marji Ross

Proxies: Bert Boles to Marji

Unavailable: David Gale, Tim Dreisbach, Frank Gado, Alex Mooney, Kate Aiken, Kathryn Wallop


1) Minutes: 11/6, 11/15, & 12/4

Given the lack of a quorum, no action was taken.

2) Letter/Survey estimate vs. cost comparison

Since the information needed was not available, no action was taken.

3) Future meeting dates

Briefly discussed was the frequency and schedule for future conference calls.Bill concurred that many of the future calls would relate to subcommittee work.However, he preferred to schedule calls for the full Executive Committee calls with the option of cancelling.

4) Nominating Committee

Marji asked to report on her recent discussion with Alex Mooney regarding the nominating process for spring 2008 and their recommendation for candidate identification.There will be three candidate categories: 1) incumbents from the 2007 slate who wish to run for re-election; 2) New Nominating Committee candidates; 3) new petition candidates.Marji and Alex propose that an asterisk, similar to the one used in the last election, be used to identify each incumbent petition candidate and each new petition candidate.The asterisks will provide easy identification.Incumbents will not have to collect signatures for their respective candidacies.

So far, incumbents intending to run for re-election are Bert Boles, Alex Mooney and David Spalding.It was agreed that Marji will forward the entire Executive Committee the Mooney/Ross recommendation.This communication would also ask everyone to decide by January 8 if they are going to run again.

Bill reported that the Nominating Committee had not been appointed.

David Spalding reminded committee members that the next voting period, which begins April 28, and the June 10 annual meeting both need to be posted by December 30 on the Alumni Relations web site.After January 8, there will be a broader announcement to alumni. Additionally, the Nominating Committee's slate will need to be ready by February 15.The Petition slate would be announced later.Bill asked that the web site be clear in announcing the timeline.

5) Balloting Committee

No action taken.

6) Other business

Marji inquired about next steps regarding the Trustee Alumni Affairs conversation.What should/does this mean for vehicles and strategies regarding communications?

Bill will resend the future meeting date log with hopes that committee members will agree to same on the January 8 conference call.

Next meeting:January 8, 2008, 5:00 p.m. This is an important call with much to be finalized regarding the Nominating Committee slate.

Respectfully submitted,

David Spalding
Secretary-Treasurer Association of Alumni