November 5, 2008, Conference Call

Present: Ron Harris, Ron Schram, Cheryl Bascomb, David Spalding,
Otho Kerr, John Engelman, Veree Brown, John Mathias, Doug Keare,
Lynne Gaudet

Absent: Marian Baldauf (who gave her proxy to John Mathias),
Katlin Jaxheimer

The meeting convened at 8 am.

Ron Schram discussed the proposed revised "Guidelines for Election of Officers and Executive Committee Members," and "Conduct of Meetings" of meetings of the Association of Alumni. He explained that the working group's goal was to make as few changes as were needed. Discussion ensued. Ron Schram moved approval. Cheryl seconded the motion. The guidelines were unanimously approved.

Potential dates for the annual meeting were discussed. It was agreed to decide on a date at our next meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

David Spalding
Association of Alumni

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