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November 15, 2007, Conference Call

Participating: Bill Hutchinson, David Gale, David Spalding, Bonnie Bourdon, Cheryl Bascomb, Tim Dreisbach

Proxies: Alex Mooney to Frank Gado; Martin Boles to Frank Gado or Marji Ross;
Frank Gado (along with proxies given to him) to Tim Dreisbach; Marji to Tim Dreisbach; Tim to David Gale should he not be on the call.

Unavailable: Kathryn Wallop, Marji Ross, Alex Mooney, Bert Boles, Kate Aiken,
Frank Gado


Due to the number of people missing from this call, Bill asked today's participants to establish another time to discuss the majority of the agenda items. Tuesday, November 27 at 5:00 p.m. EST was agreed to. Bill will confirm this time with everyone.

Minutes of Nov. 6, 2007

Old Business

a. Meeting minutes on the web, new web site

David Gale has not had time to work on this.

b. Brian McMillan/Palaeopitus group: survey questions by 12/1/07

c. Lawsuit update, request for documents

d. Alumni Magazine resolution

e. NH Legislature activity

f. AOA -- AC NomComm meeting 12/1/07

g. Communication to the Trustee Alumni Affairs Committee and the AC (Bert's letter)

Item (f) of the agenda was discussed. It was decided that members of the AOA Executive Committee would not meet on December 1 with the Nominating Committee to continue their deliberations regarding procedures for trustee elections. Although Frank was not on the call it was noted that he feels these meetings are not worthwhile. David Gale expressed his disappointment that some members of the Nominating Committee consider the AOA to be "ceremonial and vestigial." Tim shared his concern over the lack of respect being given to the AOA. He would rather continue working on the election process without involving the Nominating Committee. He was hopeful that the AOA could have an in person meeting with the trustees in this regard. Bill emphasized the willingness of the Nominating Committee to continue collaborating with the AOA to develop improved election procedures, which work is time sensitive. Cheryl would still like to meet with the Nominating Committee and appreciates its willingness to include the AoA in the deliberations. Bill pointed out the work of the Nominating Committee is important and essential for trustee elections.

David Gale countered that the Council's constitution requires them to fulfill its duties as dictated by the AoA's constitution.

Tim observed that what was said by the Board of Trustees and what it put in writing are different. He further noted that the Council does not own the election. It's obligations to the process do not go beyond the nomination phase. He did not wish to waste additional time with the Nominating Committee. Rather, he preferred to work directly with the Board of Trustees. He acknowledged it may be a waste of time to discuss parity with the Board of Trustees. Tim felt the items needing to be worked on were strictly in the purview of the AoA.

Bill pointed out the AoA's role is to run elections and its annual meeting. He then asked for a sense of the meeting re continued dialog with the Nominating Committee. The decision was that the AoA would step out of the joint meeting and work on election issues separately. Also this topic will be discussed during the next call when more AoA members are able to participate.

New Business

a. AC plenary session presentation 12/1/07

The AoA discussed an invitation to present at the December 1, 2007 Council plenary session.

A topic suggested for discussion is who represents alumni and how are they represented. Also, how to elect trustees and officers could be another topic. Tim offered to create a PowerPoint. Tim will be at the plenary and Frank had expressed the importance of AoA representation there.

Bill will be in attendance.David Gale wasn't sure if he would participate.

Other Business

Tim inquired about the October 2 minutes and whether the appended emails would appear online.David Spalding noted they would be online before day's end.

David Spalding reported the BOT Alumni Relations committee would be meeting with alumni groups on topics of interest.The groups named were: AoA Executive Committee; Alumni Council College Relations Group; Club Officers Executive Committee, Class Officers Executive Committee and Affiliated Group officers.These meetings will occur between December 2007 and January 2008.

The Executive committee will have another call November 27 at 5:00 p.m., if it fits the schedule of most members.The above agenda will be continued.

DIAL: 866-420-6168ENTER CODE: 6462312

There will be another call on Tuesday December 4, 2007 5:00pm EST

DIAL: 866-420-6168ENTER CODE: 6462312

Respectfully submitted,

David Spalding
Vice President, Alumni Relations
Secretary-Treasurer, Association of Alumni