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April 10, 2010 | Silsby Hall, Room 28 | 11 am

Association of Alumni President John Mathias '69 opened the meeting.

  1. The first item on the agenda was the secretary's minutes. Association of Alumni secretary-treasurer David Spalding '76 reported that he has completed his third year on the executive committee. Both he and executive committee member Cheryl Bascomb '82, who has also served three years, will retire this year. They have served on the Association of Alumni executive committee the last two years with John Mathias. David thanked John for his hard work. David introduced second vice president Doug Keare '56 '57 Th '57Tu and executive committee member John Engelman '68 who were also in attendance. David said that the minutes of last year's Association of Alumni annual meeting were approved shortly after that meeting and are posted on the Association of Alumni website. In addition, the minutes of five of the six meetings held during the 2009-2010 AoA year are also posted on that site. The sixth set of minutes has not yet been approved by the executive committee. Once they are approved they will also be posted online. Much of the work during the year was done by the Election Reform Study Committee. Its final report is also available online.
  2. The second item on the agenda was remarks by the president. John Mathias thanked David Spalding for his work as vice president of alumni relations. John commented that Dartmouth is very fortunate to have a superb new president, Jim Yong Kim '82a. He hopes that President Kim will be able to help move the alumni focus from governance to more global issues. John feels that the Dartmouth administration, leadership, board of trustees, alumni volunteers and parents need to work together productively on College issues, particularly during these difficult years. He commented that we should also consider the amount of money that has been spent on campaigning in these trustee and Association of Alumni elections.
  3. The next agenda item was the appointment by the president of the regular committees. This will be done by the next executive committee.
  4. The next agenda item was the treasurer's report and any matter of business from the executive committee. David Spalding reported that there was no money taken in by the Association and no money was spent. The College budgeted $75,000 for the cost of the election and the annual meeting. The final election bills have not been submitted to date.
  5. The next agenda item was communications, if any, from the president or the board of trustees of the College. There were none.
  6. The next agenda item was the election of honorary members. There were none.
  7. The next agenda item was the report of the committee on nominations and reports of special committees. There were none.
  8. The next agenda was miscellaneous business. John Mathias asked if there were any alumni who wanted to make comments. There were none.
  9. John Mathias then reported the results of the Association of Alumni and the trustee elections for the two alumni-nominated vacancies. He said that the total number of votes cast in the election were 20,790 which was approximately 32% of alumni. In the trustee election, Alumni Council nominee Morton Kondracke '60, who ran unopposed, received 17,762 votes for vacancy number one which equals approximately 85% of the voters. For vacancy number two, the winner was Alumni Council nominee John Replogle '88 with 14,176 votes which equals 70.9% of the votes for that office. Joseph Asch '79 received 5,823 votes which equals 29.1% of the votes for that office. Earlier this morning, the board of trustees voted to elect Morton Kondracke and John Replogle to the board of trustees.
  10. John Mathias reported that the following alumni were elected to the Association of Alumni Executive Committee. Their vote totals are in parentheses. (N) designates candidates nominated by the AOA Nominating Committee. (P) represents petition candidates.

Executive Committee Officers

John H. Mathias Jr. '69 (N) -14,701
J. Michael Murphy '61 (P) - 5,254

First Vice President:
Veree Hawkins Brown '93 (N) - 14,522
Alpha Bond '52 (P) - 5,336

Second Vice President:
Douglas Keare '56, '57Th, '57Tu (N) - 14,679
Diane E. Ellis '08 (P) - 5,232

Lynne Hamel Gaudet '81 (N) - 14,825
Emily Esfahani Smith '09 (P) - 5,084

Executive Committee Members

Mark Alperin '80 (N) - 14,514
Marian Zischke Baldauf '84 (N) - 14,425
John Engelman '68 (N) - 14,490
Ronald Harris '71 (N) - 14,259
Kaitlin Jaxheimer '05 (N) - 14,279
Otho Kerr III '79 (N) - 14,279
Ronald Schram '64 (N) - 14,423

Other Executive Committee candidates and vote totals included:

James Baehr '05 (P) -5,342
Bradford Borden '54 (P) - 5,110
James E. Guth '77 (P) - 5,384
Alan R. Orschel '61 (P) - 5,193
Richard Paris '71 (P) - 5,269
Stuart L. Richards '63 (P) - 5,378
Noah R. Riner '06 (P) - 5,191

The meeting was adjourned.