Dartmouth College
Recognizes with Deep Appreciation
the Extraordinary Achievements of the

Special Recognition for

Outstanding Engagement, Mentorship, and Collaboration

The Class of 2005 had two major objectives this year: to strengthen the bonds between classmates, and to strengthen the connection that they have with the College. Through outstanding engagement, mentorship, and collaboration, the class did just that. This year saw the launch of their 05/15 mentorship program, directed by their newly appointed engagement chair, in which members of the Class of 2005 met with members of the Class of 2015 while they were on their off terms around the country. Meeting for pizza, career discussions, or sessions of mini-golf, both 2015s and 2005s found the chance to interact with a member of the Dartmouth family a decade away rewarding and valuable. This program is a shining example of the strong connection that can be built between Dartmouth undergraduates and Dartmouth alumni, and for this we offer the Class of 2005 this Special Recognition.