Dartmouth College

Recognizes with Deep Appreciation
the Extraordinary Achievements of the

Special Recognition for Creative Reunion Innovations

The Class of 1996 Reunion Committee is to be congratulated and recognized for the beautifully colored class quilts that the '96 families created together throughout the weekend, as well as for their thoughtfulness in offering such great food for the toddlers in attendance.

Each member of the Class of 1996 had the opportunity to add a personal touch of color and design to the white bed sheets hanging in the class tent. By the end of the weekend, the once-dull sheets were full of vibrant color and life. The sheets have since been stuffed for use by the patients at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center at DHMC.

All the '96 alumni children were happy at the reunion too, thanks to the special care put into their dining experience. Friday night's dinner from EBA's, the creative burritos from Boloco on Saturday, and the pile of donuts and pastries for Sunday morning's brunch offered the little tykes a variety of exciting food and made for some very happy bellies and parents.