Dartmouth College

Recognizes with Deep Appreciation
the Extraordinary Achievements of the

Special Recognition for Strategic and Personal Class Communications Plan

The Class of 1982 demonstrated exceptional leadership and success in communicating with classmates and increasing participation throughout 2015. A detailed, multi-channeled, written communications plan worked to keep classmates connected, yet did not overwhelm them with '82 news.

Class leadership engages classmates by sending birthday emails that share fun facts for that day in history. Important time and energy are spent on condolence cards and obituaries. Exciting news, triumphs, and celebrations are shared in the class notes column, newsletter, and via social media, while the Chat in the Hat feature of the newsletter encourages classmates to interview each other!

Personalized classmate engagement, increased participation in the class column and newsletter, and sharing through photos and stories has led the Class of 1982 to incredible reconnection and participation.

Hats off to you '82s and a job well done. Thank you for demonstrating such incredible best practices for other classes to emulate.