Class Awards 2013

Dartmouth College
Recognizes with Deep Appreciation
the Extraordinary Achievements of

Gabriela Sarhos '98
2014 William H. Scherman '34 Award
Class Newsletter Editor of the Year
25 Years Out and Younger

In the past year, you and your co-editor Kate Gold have elevated Beyond the Green, the Class of 1998 newsletter, to a new level. With enthusiasm and commitment, you revamped the layout and design, resulting in a beautiful, full-color newsletter that is engaging, informative, and a delight to read--and the focal point of your class's communication strategy going forward.

For the first issue of the year, you introduced a variety of features that would become staples of future editions, including an introduction to new class officers and a calendar of Dartmouth College and Alumni Club events. You also issued a call-to-action to increase class engagement by listing classmates with missing contact information, and brought to life your recent 15th reunion through words and photos. The January issue showcased updates and photos from classmates, a "name the class" competition, and a story on the Choates, with information on the history and architecture of the buildings as well as classmates' experiences. Finally, in the summer, you enclosed a survey insert to better understand the class's connection to Dartmouth and to seek feedback on selecting a class project.

You graduated from Dartmouth with a degree in film and theater, and later attended the University of Pennsylvania, receiving a master of architecture in 2008. From there, you worked in a variety of marketing and design roles, including your own consultancy practice, Gabi Sarhos Design, which you founded in 2008. Your career has developed your skills in graphic design, marketing, editing, all of which have made a huge impact on your role as a newsletter editor.

You live in Albany, New York with your husband, Maksim Royzen, and son Pavl. When not spending time with your family or editing Beyond the Green, you serve as a Designer and Architectural Intern at ENVISION Architects.

Gabi, your creativity, passion, and dedication to your class highlight the best of what a newsletter editor can be. It is with the greatest pride that the Class Newsletter Editors Association honors you with the 2014 Class Newsletter Editor of the Year Award.