A Two-Day Virtual Conference

We are bringing together scientists and humanists for two afternoons to discuss our collective future from different perspectives.

Speakers: Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Mary Flanagan, Adam Frank, John Haldane, Sue Halpern, Elizabeth Kolbert, Bill McKibben, Martin Rees, Kim Stanley Robinson, Peter Singer, Evan Thompson, and Terry Tempest Williams.

Moderated by ICE@Dartmouth Director Marcelo Gleiser.

ICE organizes and promotes public dialogues in cities around the United States. Facilitated by Dartmouth theoretical physicist and ICE Director Marcelo Gleiser, these evening dialogues focus on fundamental questions central to ICE’s mission. The presenters—scientists, humanists, and spiritual leaders—are scholars and intellectual leaders of the highest caliber, capable of providing intellectual depth, breadth, and openness. The dialogues will be live-streamed to the world when possible, then made available on our website.