For those of you who enjoy seeing our Dartmouth professors in action, Professor Susan Ackerman '80 will share some of her class material from her current course offering, “Is Dartmouth a Religion?”

Susan Ackerman '80While some may think it is obvious that no, of course Dartmouth isn’t a religion, Dartmouth’s long history, the role of the founder, Eleazar Wheelock, and our attachment to unique rituals and traditions leads to countless possible viewpoints.

“It makes no sense to anyone except for the people on this campus why we spent the fall arguing about whether you could run around the bonfire or not,” Ackerman said. “But it matters, and it matters a great deal on this campus.”

Dartmouth’s Preston H. Kelsey Professor of Religion Susan Ackerman ’80 will challenge your belief system and invite your thoughts as she delves into this deceptively provocative question drawing on her experience in the classroom, her own research, and a recent course she developed for Dartmouth’s 250th anniversary. Along the way, you’ll explore those divine distinctions that unite Dartmouth alumni worldwide into a powerful, diverse and cohesive congregation.

Please tune in at 7pm for a brief DCPV Annual Meeting and update about admissions and other Fall club events. Then settle back and enjoy Susan’s engaging lecture. A question and answer session will follow.