Join us for a special COVID-19 virtual series hosted by the Geisel School of Medicine and co-sponsored by Dartmouth Alumni Relations and Dartmouth's graduate schools.

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Special guest and moderator for all sessions

Susan Dentzer D’77
Senior Policy Fellow
Robert J. Margolis Center for Health Policy, Duke University
Former Chair, Dartmouth Board of Trustees

The current attempt to administer COVID-19 vaccines in the United States is encountering numerous obstacles, including skepticism and fear, leading many people to forego them. How does this situation differ from previous mass vaccination campaigns, such as against polio or smallpox? How is it being affected by the growing skepticism surrounding childhood vaccinations? How can misinformation and disinformation be overcome to achieve widespread COVID-19 vaccine uptake?

Experts on infectious diseases, behavior change, marketing, racial inequities, and public health will delve into these topics and answer your questions.

Elizabeth Talbot, MD
Areas of Expertise: infectious disease, public health, pandemic response
Professor of Medicine, Geisel School of Medicine
Infectious Disease and International Health Physician
Deputy State Epidemiologist of New Hampshire

Punam Keller, PhD, MBA
Areas of Expertise: behavior change and social marketing
Senior Associate Dean of Innovation and Growth
Charles Henry Jones Third Century Professor of Management
Tuck School of Business

Gregory Johnson, MD, D’94
Areas of Expertise: racial disparities, primary care, leadership in health care
Chief Medical Officer
Hospital Medicine at Sound Physicians

Lindsey Leininger, PhD
Area of Expertise: data-driven public health policy
Clinical Professor of Business Administration
Tuck School of Business
Nerdy-Girl-in-Chief, Dear Pandemic