Ellie Mahoney Loughlin '89Ellie Mahoney Loughlin ’89 (left) was presented the 2015-16 Dartmouth Alumni Award by Jennifer Avellino ’89, president of the Alumni Council, at the 211th Alumni Council Session on October 23, 2015.

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As a child, you drove up from Rhode Island often with your family to visit Dartmouth. Observing Dartmouth students with your father, Thomas Mahoney ’62, you were struck by their obvious happiness and became determined to share in that academic experience and joy. After you injured your knee in a fall on the trail of your first-year DOC trip, you worried that you had spoiled the experience for your classmates; but instead it became a bonding experience as your classmates carried you out of the woods to safety. Not to be deterred, you rejoined them, on crutches, at the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge.

This cheerful approach carried over to your arrival on campus. You reveled in meeting your classmates. Your academic interests were a true portent of your future professional life, as your favorite classes focused on social psychology, and you ultimately majored in psychology. You joined Delta Delta Delta sorority, where your welcoming nature was a perfect fit for the task of training new members, and you later became social chair of the organization.

On your first day at Dartmouth, you met a classmate named Phil Loughlin ’89, who had been told about you by a mutual acquaintance the year before. A friendship formed, and developed into a romantic relationship junior year. You married in 1991. A highlight of your early marriage was the summer you saw a baseball game played in every major league park—a scheduling achievement in those pre-website days of printed schedules. Your trademark organizational skills were developing quickly!

After graduation, you became a sales associate for Bear Stearns, later moving into training for new hires. Changing your career direction, you earned a master’s degree in elementary education from Lesley University. Soon after your fifth Dartmouth reunion, your son Christopher was born. After a new job for Phil and the arrival of daughter Katie, your family settled in the Boston area. The consummate juggler, you later earned another master’s of education in risk and prevention from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, as well as certificates of advanced studies, while raising your children. Today, Chris ’17 and Katie ’18 are happily immersed in their own Dartmouth experiences.

As the associate director of admission at Buckingham Browne & Nichols, you oversee the tour guide program, which you redesigned to include more one-on-one interaction between students and applicants. You have found your job a wonderful way to be involved in all aspects of the school, and a fantastic way to engage members of the community—much like you do for Dartmouth.

You’ve said that Dartmouth changed your life, explaining, “It’s not just the classes, it’s the people you meet, and other alumni make it an amazing experience.” Dartmouth has recognized you before for your incredible volunteer talents, with the Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award, the Class President of the Year award, and membership in the Stephen F. Mandel ’52 Society.

Your numerous volunteer roles have included: co-president, newsletter editor and head agent of the Class of 1989; chair of your 10th and 15th reunions; alumni councilor, representing the Class Presidents Association, where you served on the Enrollment & Admissions Committee; president of the Class Newsletters Association; president of the Class Presidents Association; district enrollment director; and member of the Dartmouth College Fund Committee, Centennial Circle Committee, and the President’s Leadership Council.

A recent focus has been the founding of Women of Dartmouth, and you are leading the Boston chapter. An idea that you’ve helped develop over the past few years, you will head the organization. You’ve been delighted that so many women are willing to step up and engage other alumnae in this growing network.

Your civic engagement is wide-ranging and personal. You volunteer for the Harvard Graduate School of Education, understanding the complexities of fundraising for teacher training; the National Pancreas Foundation, where you’ve sat on the board from its first day in support of a beloved family member; Friends of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute; and the Tenacre Country Day School, among other organizations. Your husband Phil and family are amazingly supportive of the many ways in which you share your inestimable time and talent.

Ellie, with grateful appreciation for all your incredible efforts on behalf of Dartmouth students, classmates, alumnae and beyond, we take great pride in presenting you with the Dartmouth College Alumni Award.