Class Awards 2013

Dartmouth College
Recognizes with Deep Appreciation
the Extraordinary Achievements of

Elizabeth Mahoney Loughlin '89
2014 President of the Year
25 Years Out and Younger

What luck for the College and the Class of 1989 that you are a true daughter of Dartmouth in everything you do. Your strategic thinking and hard work are only surpassed by your generosity toward your Dartmouth classmates. Your work helped create an amazing 25th reunion and your successes in advance of that made you the obvious choice for Class President of the Year for 2014. Bravo and congratulations!

In your ten years as class president--five as co-president with your dear friend Laura Mattson '89 and five flying solo--you have taken your class through two major reunions and several steps forward for engagement and participation. Class treasurer Tom Beecher says, "Ellie's been so successful as our president because of her infectious energy--and the fact that she's never afraid to ask anyone for anything, that she sets a big goal and gets the team to relentlessly pursue it, and not least because she puts in a lot of hours. The real foundation for her success, though, is that she cares so much for Dartmouth, and people naturally want to help her make it better."

With an astonishing 26 different committee roles over the years to her credit--including work for the Dartmouth College Fund, the Alumni Council, and the Admissions Office, as well as leadership for the Class Newsletter Editors Association and the Class Presidents Association, it is no wonder that you were awarded the Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award in 2003 and were inducted into the Stephen F. Mandel '52 Society in 2010.

You are truly part of the Dartmouth family--daughter of a '62, niece of a '69, wife of a fellow '89, and mother to a '17 and '18. These deep connections are what led you and so many in your class to bring back 39 percent of your class to the reunion and for more than 52 percent of the class together to give a jaw dropping $8,076,566 as your 25th reunion gift.

25th reunion chair and class secretary Jennifer Avellino says, "Ellie is such a special leader because she truly cares about each and every one of her classmates. She also cares deeply about their connections to the College and goes out of her way to make all '89s feel welcome and appreciated. Dartmouth is in her thoughts every day and she approaches every task with tireless optimism. She is the heart and spirit of our class. The Class of 1989 has been incredibly lucky to have her work so hard on our behalf for all these years."

The Class Officers Executive Committee echoes the sentiments of your classmates and salutes you for your impressive leadership of your class over the past ten years. Congratulations and thank you!