What is Dartmouth Connect? 

Dartmouth Connect is Dartmouth’s new, online space for connecting alumni to alumni. 

Powered by PeopleGrove®, the experts at building career communities and connections, Dartmouth Connect offers ways for alumni to engage with each other: by offering resume reviews or mock interviews, giving one-time career advice, asking questions of fellow Dartmouth Connect users, posting job or internship opportunities, and participating in structured mentorship programs (for targeted audiences).

Why should alumni join Dartmouth Connect?

Dartmouth Connect bolsters the alumni experience by harnessing the power of the Dartmouth alumni network for exchanges of advice, wisdom, and ideas. The platform matches alumni on specific career support interests and needs.

How is Dartmouth Connect different from the Alumni Directory?

Dartmouth Connect compliments the features and functions of the Alumni Directory and provides additional levels of connection not previously offered by Dartmouth.

Want to find an alum or confirm a contact graduated from Dartmouth? The Alumni Directory will allow you to quickly locate and reach out. Looking for a list of alumni working in specific industries or for specific employers? Dartmouth Connect can help.

With the launch of Dartmouth Connect, it’s never been easier to find and make meaningful career connections with fellow Dartmouth alumni.

Dartmouth Connect allows alumni to:

  • connect and network with alumni who share similar career interests and paths
  • match with alumni on specific criteria (e.g., major or student activities)
  • give–and get–career advice and wisdom

Who is invited to join Dartmouth Connect?

Dartmouth Connect is being launched to alumni in a phased implementation starting with Dartmouth volunteers in the Career Network. Currently, any undergraduate, Tuck, or Guarini graduate has access to the Dartmouth Connect hub. Eventually, other members of the Dartmouth community will be invited to join.