Information about Dartmouth’s eight a cappella singing groups 

Group Information

The Dartmouth Aires

founded in 1946

Dartmouth College's oldest a cappella group, the Injunaires were founded in 1946 by Paul Zeller as an offshoot of the college Glee Club. The group performed at all Glee Club concerts as one of the two program intermissions. Zeller arranged many of their songs and medleys. The Injunaires were an integral part of the Glee Club's spring tours, singing around the country, and even on The Perry Como Show and at Carnegie Hall. Sometime after shortening their name, the Aires broke with the Glee Club in the late-70s and established themselves as an independent Dartmouth landmark through several years of musical excellence, high-energy performance, and outrageous comedy. In these last 60 years, the Aires have grown into one of the nation's most recognized all-male collegiate a cappella groups.

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The Dartmouth Brovertones

founded in 1993

The Brovertones are Dartmouth's second oldest all-male a cappella group, founded in 1993. Originally named Final Cut, the group was traditionally known for singing popular songs from the 80s and 90s. Over the years, we have become one of the premier a cappella groups on campus. We sing a large variety of songs, whether it be Dartmouth traditionals, Motown jams, or even a little Kanye West. We arrange all of our own music and each Bro has a say in which songs are performed. We have four albums; the latest, titled "Bro & Tell," was recorded and released in 2012. Every December we embark on our Winter Tour, performing at numerous colleges, alumni clubs, and other venues along the east coast; we've also recently become an internationally touring a cappella group. We hold auditions every fall in conjunction with the other campus a cappella groups.

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The Dartmouth Cords

founded in 1996

Founded in 1996, The Dartmouth Cords is one of Dartmouth College's premier all-male a cappella ensembles. Performing songs from a variety of music genres including rock, pop, hip-hop, and traditional College favorites, The Cords is comprised of 15 to 20 individuals who perform with the group for all four years of the undergraduate experience. All while wearing their signature corduroy pants, The Cords arrange their own music and choreography and perform at a wide range of venues, such as Greek houses, Dartmouth alumni clubs, major league baseball games, and even the Lincoln Center! For two weeks each winter break, The Cords tour various regions in the United States, performing at different colleges, alumni clubs, and even high schools, where they frequently run workshops for high school choral programs. The group released its latest album, "Tailor Made" in 2013, toured South Korea in 2011, and is currently recording a new album, all of which can be found on their website and Spotify. Celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2016, The Cords has an exciting few years ahead of them!

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The Dartmouth Rockapellas

founded in 1989

The Rockapellas are an all-female a cappella group from Dartmouth College. Since 1989, the Rocks have entertained audiences with our exciting repertoire of popular music and our freedom songs, songs that carry messages of social awareness that we want to share. We perform on and off campus, and tour around the US and beyond. Write to us if you are interested in having the Rocks sing at your event or want to snag one of our CDs!

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The Decibelles

founded in 1974

The Decibelles are Dartmouth's oldest all-female a cappella group, usually consisting of 12-16 members. They arrange all their own music and sing songs from a variety of genres, including modern pop and rock tunes, Dartmouth traditionals, oldies, barbershop, and pretty much anything and everything in between! Founded in 1974 by Jody Hill, the group began as "The Dartmouth Distractions," an extension of the Dartmouth Glee Club. Two years later, the group changed its name to "Woodswind" and a few years after changed once more to the "Decibelles." In addition to performing frequently around the Dartmouth campus, the Decis sing at other colleges, at community events in and around the Upper Valley, and at Dartmouth Alumni Clubs. Every year during Winter break, the Decis go on a weeklong tour of various parts of the world, most recently to Southern California, London, and NYC. The Decibelles have also been actively recording since the 1980′s, coming out with an album every two or three years. You can preview and order our latest album, Belles of the Ball, on our albums page. 

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The Dartmouth Dodecaphonics

founded in 1984

The Dartmouth Dodecaphonics is the College's oldest and premier co-ed a cappella group. Affectionately called "The Dodecs," we sing music of all types - - 80's, rock, contemporary pop, face-melting ballads, Dartmouth traditionals, etc. We are an extremely diverse group of students bringing with us an incredible variety of interests, talents, abilities and strengths. Our majors span the curriculum, our hometowns span the country, and our heights span quite a few inches, too. 

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The Dartmouth Subtleties

founded in 1998

Founded in 1998, we have grown into a group of strong women who use a cappella as a way to sing, dance, and laugh together. We arrange songs that we are excited to sing, regardless of whether they fall under typical a cappella fare. Our repertoire includes varied artists such as Stevie Nicks, The Chainsmokers, and Rihanna. We are proud to say that we typically arrange our own songs, and perform at charity events, Greek houses, concerts and on our yearly tours nation-wide. The Subtleties see music as a way to let loose, have fun, and express ourselves. We see how music can create deep connections between people, and value the diversity of our members and audiences. We aim to unite these people through the emotional, universal experience of music. The Subtleties are, above all, a family. Our dedication to a cappella creates stellar arrangements, performances, and shows for audiences of all different types.

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The Sing Dynasty

founded in 2008

The Sing Dynasty is one of two secular co-ed a cappella groups at Dartmouth. Affectionately called the Sings, we perform a variety of different songs ranging from Dartmouth traditionals to musical theatre to Lady Gaga and other modern pop hits. We perform all over campus at many diverse venues - frat basements, charity functions, private events, you name it! - and colleges throughout the US.

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founded in 1992

(ZAH-doh) is Dartmouth's co-ed Christian a cappella group. Our name has two parts: the Greek letter Chi is the first letter in Xristos which means Christ, and “ado” means "to sing for." X.ado exists as both a performing a cappella group and a ministry on campus. We strive to glorify God through our singing and to encourage one another and our peers by spreading the hope of the Gospel and the love of Christ. Although we perform a wide variety of music, including gospel, contemporary pop, Christian rock, and traditional hymns, we are intentional about our choices and always perform songs that convey a Christian message."