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    Top Ten Alumni News Features in 2013

    Tuesday, December 17, 2013
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Take a look back at some of the more notable and intriguing alumni stories from news outlets during the past year. The stories are listed in alphabetical order by alumni surname.

Brad Ausmus gets three year deal to manage Detroit Tigers” (Detroit Free Press, 11/3/13)

Excerpt: “As the sun set on Comerica Park Sunday night, a new era of Tigers baseball dawned.”


Brad Ausmus ’91, manager of the Detroit Tigers. (photo by Kirthmon F. Dozier / Detroit Free Press)

Memories of D-Day Still Fresh for NH Veteran” (Union Leader, 6/5/13)

Clinton Gardner ’44

Excerpt: “While he was recovering from surgery at a hospital in Salisbury, England, a British captain representing London's Imperial War Museum visited and asked for the helmet.”


(photo: Dartmouth College Library)

New York’s Junior Senator, Doggedly Refusing to Play the Part” (The New York Times, 12/7/13)

Kirsten Gillibrand ’88, U.S. Senator

Excerpt: “If there were a chutzpah caucus in the United States Senate, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York would be its natural leader.”


(photo by Gabriella Demczuk/The New York Times)

Israeli national lacrosse team recruits gay goalie Andrew Goldstein” (Outsports, 8/6/13)

Andrew Goldstein ’05, professional lacrosse player

Excerpt: “For Goldstein, this is just the latest example of his sexual orientation having no effect on his sports career.” 


(photo by Cyd Zeigler)

For Dartmouth's New President, a Reacquaintance” (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 11/11/13)

Philip J. Hanlon ’77, president of Dartmouth

Excerpt: “For members of Dartmouth's presidential search committee, Mr. Hanlon's fit with those values was ‘almost too good to be true,’ says the committee's co-chair William W. Helman IV, a member of Dartmouth's Board of Trustees.”


(photo by Eli Burakian ’00)

An Island Lifesaver” (The New York Times, 6/30/13)

Ben Jones ’44, paramedic

Excerpt: “Mr. Jones, 90, a longtime volunteer with the Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service squad off Long Island’s East End, may well be the oldest active paramedic in the country.”


(photo by Julie Glassberg for The New York Times)

Typhoon Haiyan: Doctors running out of supplies to turn patients away” (NBC Nightly News, 11/14/13, video)

Sara B. May ’89

Excerpt: “Upstairs, doctor Sara May from Seattle treats an 8-year-old girl whose leg was cut by flying debris.”


(photo: courtesy of Sara B. May ’89)

Peculiar fashion meets extreme talent” (ESPN, 7/11/13)

Alexi Pappas ’12, runner, filmmaker

Excerpt: “Not only did the 23-year-old Dartmouth graduate come in first place, she did so in spectacular style.”


(photo: courtesy of Alexi Pappas/Patrick Holleran)

Network TV Is Broken. So How Does Shonda Rhimes Keep Making Hits?” (The New York Times, 5/9/13)

Shonda Rhimes ’91, executive producer

Excerpt: “The font of all this fervid storytelling is Rhimes, who, at 43, is often described as the most powerful African-American female show runner in television — which is too many adjectives. She is one of the most powerful show runners in the business, full stop.”


(photo: Jeff Minton for The New York Times)

Darrington's sole doctor is always in” (The Herald of Everett, WA, 5/19/13)

Dr. Gary Schillhammer '77, doctor

Excerpt: “There are too many stories to tell about Schillhammer's 29-year, cradle-to-casket medical practice. Nearly everybody in town has one.”


(photo: Dan Bates / The Herald)

by Steve Smith