• Three Questions for Devon Wills ’06

    Wednesday, February 19, 2014
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Devon Wills ’06 has been invited to try out this April for the New York Lizards, a Major League Lacrosse (MLL) team. Widely considered to be one of the top lacrosse goalies in the country, she’s the first woman ever selected by an MLL team.  

While at Dartmouth, Wills received All-American accolades three times and recorded 538 career saves, the second-most in school history. Wills played a critical role in the United States’ wins in the last two women’s lacrosse World Cups, in 2009 and 2013.

1. How does it feel to potentially be the first female major league lacrosse player?
The process of making the team is not over yet, but for me it's really not so much about a gender crossover. It's about having the opportunity to play lacrosse, regardless of the level of play. At this point I am just grateful that the Lizards have given me a legitimate chance to try out, and I'm excited to have the opportunity.  

2. Did any specific classes or experiences at Dartmouth help you to prepare for this career?
My entire time at Dartmouth prepared me for this career. The head coach [Amy Patton] put us in situations where we had to be mentally and physically tough. She put a lot of time and effort into me in my development as a player, teaching me the basics and technique, all of which have been instrumental to my success. Many of the players I know at Dartmouth still attend my games to cheer me on, and to this day I still maintain regular contact with many of my former teammates and classmates at Dartmouth.

3. You've coached at Dartmouth, the University of Denver, and the University of Southern California. How has your coaching experience influenced the way you play?
The coach has to be a little smarter than the other players on the field because it requires an understanding of the way the game flows. Becoming a coach has given me a new perspective. It has helped to remove the purely reactionary elements of the position, as my preparation has enabled me to better anticipate what will happen on the field.Sutton Lowry ’16 is the Alumni Relations Whitney Campbell Class of 1925 intern. Lowry is a psychology and brain sciences major from Seattle, WA.

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