• Reunions 2013: It’s a Record!

    Tuesday, June 18, 2013
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More alumni returned for Reunions this year than at any point in Dartmouth history. Five classes broke records as 2,666 alumni attended, surpassing the record number of 2,546 set just last year. More than 4,400 total guests representing twelve Dartmouth classes returned.

The numbers for the Classes of 1978 and 2008 are especially remarkable. The '78s shattered the previous record of 171 with 262 alumni "coming home" for their 35th Reunion. The '08s surpassed the 5th Reunion record by an equally impressive margin, with more than 50 percent of their class returning.

"On the Green" during 2013 Dartmouth Reunions. Photo: Jeff Woodward.

Here are the new records:

5th Reunion: Class of 2008
568 alumni
Previous record: Class of 2007 in 2012 with 479 alumni

25th Reunion: Class of 1988
456 alumni
Previous record: Class of 1982 in 2007 with 419 alumni

35th Reunion: Class of 1978
262 alumni
Previous record: Class of 1977 in 2012 with 171 alumni

50th Reunion: Class of 1963
298 alumni
Previous record: Class of 1956 in 2006 with 295 alumni

60th Reunion: Class of 1953
121 alumni
Previous record: Class of 1952 in 2012 with 109 alumni

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