• Charles A. Eastman ’87

    Charles A. Eastman '87 (photo: Dartmouth College Library)

    Dr. Charles A. Eastman '87 Was Dartmouth Night Speaker 100 Years Ago

    Monday, October 7, 2013
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Dartmouth Night Headline
A headline in the October 4, 1913 issue of The Dartmouth. (photo: Steve Smith)

Since its beginnings in 1895, a purpose of Dartmouth Night has been to celebrate Dartmouth alumni. One hundred years ago, a Native American physician, author, and champion of Native rights was one of those honored. As “The Dartmouth” reported on October 4, 1913: “Charles A. Eastman ’87, the distinguished Sioux Indian graduate of Dartmouth, was cheered as the next speaker. The College’s most valuable asset, he said, was the underlying spirit of true democracy combined with Dartmouth’s wonderful natural environment.” Eastman’s professional career including the writing of more than 10 books, among them “Indian Boyhood,” and “Soul of an Indian,” which are still in print today.

Today Eastman's name and spirit live on in a variety of ways at Dartmouth, including through the Charles Eastman Pre-Doctoral Fellowship in Native American Studies, which is currently held by Katherine Beane, a descendant of Eastman.

by Steve Smith