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    Dartmouth Alumni Create 50+ Job Opportunities for the Class of 2020

    Monday, June 15, 2020
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Dartmouth alumni around the world have stepped up to support students from the Class of 2020, offering more than 50 job opportunities—jobs, internships, or projects—to students in the graduating class and creating a new Dartmouth Career Support Network 2020 LinkedIn group focused on offering mentorship, career advice, and networking for new graduates.

President Philip J. Hanlon ’77 issued a challenge to all alumni in May to support students entering the worst job market since the Great Depression—with a goal of creating at least 50 opportunities by June 12. In less than a month, alumni in fields ranging from marketing and business development to engineering, robotics, and data analytics surpassed that goal, and more than 50 opportunities are available through the Center for Professional Development, with more being listed every day.

“Rallying around the Class of 2020 to secure over 50 opportunities in a few short weeks shows the power of the Dartmouth network,” says Alumni Councilor Mary Flounders Green ’88. “At such a challenging and confusing time in the world, using our resources and expertise to support the ’20s as they become our newest alumni is critical.”

Multiple students have expressed deep appreciation for the initiative. “I have realized that there are many steps between graduation and my dream career. While it may not be possible for many ’20s to find our perfect first job, we will gain valuable experience as steppingstones for future opportunities,” says Meghna Ray ’20, who will be starting a position with the Optum Consulting Development Program.

The newly formed Dartmouth Career Support Network 2020 LinkedIn Group already has nearly 1,000 members and will offer both students and alumni opportunities to ask questions, offer help, conduct practice interviews, and share networking advice.

The “50 jobs for ’20s” challenge and the Dartmouth Career Support Network 2020 LinkedIn group are just two of several initiatives administered by Alumni Relations and Dartmouth volunteers to welcome the Class of 2020 to the alumni community. In addition, graduates will be introduced to ways to engage with Dartmouth and each other through in-person and virtual events, class volunteer opportunities, the Admissions Ambassador Program, the extensive Dartmouth Club system, and Dartmouth’s Career Network. The goal of the program is to continue to provide the much-needed support for the ’20s through the power of the Dartmouth alumni network.

“My Dartmouth experience--the support I was given as a student--helped me become successful, so being able to provide other students with internships and opportunities shows the Dartmouth family at work,” says Vito Menza ’04, Managing Director & Assistant Portfolio Manager at Sandler Capital Management. “I've employed Dartmouth students for over a decade, and they continue to make me proud to be an alumnus.”