• For Dartmouth All Their Days: Seven Honored with 2013-14 Alumni Awards

    Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2013-14 Alumni Awards

Seven alumni have been chosen by the Alumni Council to receive 2013-14 alumni awards.

Four will receive the Dartmouth Alumni Award, which was established in 1954 to recognize long-standing and meritorious service to the College, career achievement, and other community service.

Alumni are eligible after their 25th class reunion.

Three will receive the Dartmouth Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award. Established in 1990, this award recognizes breadth, depth, and length of volunteer involvement.

Alumni are eligible the first 15 years after graduation.

The seven honorees will receive their awards at an Alumni Awards Gala which will be celebrated with the Dartmouth Alumni Council on October 25 in Hanover.

Dartmouth Alumni Award Recipients

Don Berlin '54

Life and career: At Dartmouth, Berlin was a member of Gamma Delta Chi and president of the Young Republicans. He earned a BA in government and followed this with a law degree from Harvard. Berlin is retired from Berlin Kaplan Dembling Burke, & Potenza, after a lifelong career in superior court litigation in malpractice in medical, architectural, and other fields. His decades of community service in New Jersey have benefited organizations, including the Morris County Board of Social Services and the Mendham Township Library Board, for which he chaired the legal committee and served on the capital gift and building committees. Berlin lives with his wife, Barbara, in Morristown, NJ. They have two sons, Geoffrey '84 and Eric '89.

For Dartmouth: Don has volunteered nearly 30 years for the Class of 1954, serving for many years as class agent for the Dartmouth College Fund and since 2009 as class president. He's volunteered as district enrollment director for 11 years and been a member of the Dartmouth Club of Morris and Essex Counties since 1957.

Tip of the hat: "When I was class head agent for the DCF in 1984-1989, I had the idea to promote broad class participation--even though the College wasn't thinking along these lines at the time. The result was that the Class of 1954 led fund participation in those years, reaching 90 percent. What I'm most proud of is that my successors have continued to emphasize participation, and the Class of 1954 has set participation records in other years, including 2012.

Also, I came up with the idea of class trips abroad as a unique way to bring our classmates together. While on our first trip, to the Greek Islands in 2002, we happened upon a brick with '1954' carved into it in the middle of a terrace."

You know you bleed Green when: "You're lucky enough that both of your sons and your daughter-in-law are Dartmouth grads."

Ken Johansen '60, '62Th

Life and career: Johansen was a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon and earned an AB and BME in engineering from Dartmouth and the Thayer School of Engineering. He is retired from International Paper Company after a successful 40-year career in paper manufacturing. His community service includes 18 years on the Montvale (New Jersey) School Board, serving as chief negotiator with the teachers' union, president, and vice president. While living in Texas from 1999 to 2007, Johansen and his wife, Ruth, were installed as parish lay ministers by the Lutheran Synod Bishop; since moving to Orange Park, Florida, in 2007, they've served as deacons. The Johansens have two daughters, Karen and Katherine.

For Dartmouth: Johansen served on the Alumni Council from 2003 to 2006 and has been treasurer, vice president, and president of the Dartmouth Club of Dallas. Since 1990, he's served almost continually in class leadership positions--as executive committee member, as DCF class agent, and as class president. He also led the Dartmouth Class Presidents Association.

Tip of the hat: "While I was class president, we began fundraising for our 50th reunion, held in 2010, more than two years in advance. We assembled a committee of 10 classmates who worked long and hard with the DCF staff, and we achieved record-breaking results. Our team raised over $4 million, with over 93 percent class participation. When we presented our check to President Kim at our reunion dinner, the whoops and hollers from the crowd were fantastic."

You know you bleed Green when: "The Dartmouth football team has a losing season. Still, you remain a fan."

Brad Evans '64

Life and career: While earning a BA in sociology from Dartmouth, Evans played basketball and was a member of Phi Delta Alpha and Dragon Senior Society. He earned his MBA from Columbia University in 1970. Evans was a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy from 1964 to 1968 and was honored with the Distinguished Flying Cross. He has worked at Morgan Stanley for more than 40 years, rising to senior managing director and vice chair of mergers and acquisitions. He currently serves as senior advisor. Evans and his wife, Barbara, live in New York City. They have three sons: Peter '96, Matthew, and Timothy '99.

For Dartmouth: Evans served on the Dartmouth Board of Trustees from 2003 to 2012 and cochaired the Campaign for the Dartmouth Experience from 2003 to 2009. He's volunteered extensively for the Dartmouth College Fund Committee and as DCF agent for the Class of 1964. He is chair of the President's Leadership Council.

Tip of the hat: "When I got involved in the Dartmouth capital campaign, I began traveling with President Wright to alumni clubs around the country. It became readily apparent that many alumni had little awareness of the work the board of trustees did. As a trustee, therefore, I made it a point, when asked, to travel as much as I could to alumni events. I attended over 30 alumni events around the country. It was rewarding to meet alumni who aren't able to return to Hanover regularly, to inform them of the board's work on major issues confronting the administration, and to bring Dartmouth to them."

You know you bleed Green when: "You agree to stand up in front of 400 alumni in black tie and put on a replica of the tall, red-striped hat worn by the Cat in the Hat."

Pete Frederick '65

Life and career: Frederick earned an AB in economics from Dartmouth, where he played football on the 1962 and 1963 Ivy League Champion teams. President of his class, Frederick was also a member of Sphinx, Palaeopitus, and the Alpha Omega Chapter of Beta Theta Pi. When he graduated, he began a successful career with Dupont that spanned 17 years. Then, at age 39, he joined the foreign service. Commissioned as an officer in the Foreign Commercial Service, Frederick was accredited to nine embassies and served under President Ronald Reagan as deputy assistant secretary of commerce, responsible for the operations of the U.S. Department of Commerce in more than 80 countries. Frederick and his wife, Marcia, split their time between Fenwick Island, DE (where he is the former mayor), and Hanover, NH. They have two daughters, Jennifer '92 and Holly, and two sons, John and Christian.

For Dartmouth: Frederick's volunteer roles are as varied as his professional career and include service on the Alumni Council (since 2008); as enrollment interviewer in Delaware (since 1968); as class president and DCF agent; and as an active member of the Dartmouth Clubs of Delaware, the Piedmont, Washington, DC, and Bergen County, New Jersey.

Tip of the hat: "Negotiating Beta's return to Dartmouth as a local Beta Alpha Omega and organizing the capital campaigns for my fraternity and Sphinx are volunteer roles I'm especially proud of. These projects enabled the renovation of both facilities, giving outstanding young men the chance to enjoy a part of the Dartmouth experience that was so important to me. Partnering with the College administration also gave me insight into the challenges in managing an educational institution. I worked with a group of loyal alumni who dedicated an unbelievable amount of time and some treasure to reopening the Beta house. We did everything. It may have been the first time a sophomore interacted with a rush chairman in his 60s."

You know you bleed Green when: "You walk the streets of New York City in your Go Green outfit, with Day-Glo green hair, and pay absolutely no attention to the lion's roar."

Dartmouth Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award Recipients

E. Stina Brock '01, '02Th

Life and career: Brock earned an AB and BE in engineering and economics from Dartmouth and Thayer. She earned an MSEE in power engineering from the University of Washington. At Dartmouth she played soccer; was a member of Alpha Xi Delta; and was active in the Women in Science Project, among other organizations. An expert in energy markets, grid technology and operations, and energy storage, Brock is the director of product management at Sunverge Energy. Previously, she led product marketing and development at Primus Power, an energy storage startup, and managed program operations at EnerNOC, a smart grid industry leader. Brock lives in San Francisco with her husband, Sean Stauth '01. They recently became brand-new parents.

For Dartmouth: Brock is very active with the Dartmouth Club of Greater San Francisco, serving on its board of directors. She previously led the Dartmouth Club of Western Washington as vice president. She was a member of the Alumni Council, and served on the Class of 2001 fifth and 10th reunion committees.

Tip of the hat: "Connecting with prospective students through DCGSF activities has been especially rewarding. High school students in the Bay Area don't always think of Dartmouth, especially for engineering, because it's not as well known as some California programs. Thanks to our excellent district enrollment directors, almost all students who apply to Dartmouth are able to have an alumni interview. Also, we've held several admit parties and collaborate with Thayer on informational events for high school students. Alumni here are important recruiters for Dartmouth; we're the face of the College for many prospective students."

You know you bleed Green when: "You're already teaching your daughter the Alma Mater, even though she's only three weeks old, so she can be ready when she enrolls as part of the Class of 2035."

Jethro Rothe-Kushel '03

Life and career: Jethro Rothe-Kushel, who earned a BA in religion, is a producer of motion pictures, television, and new media. His first job was as an unpaid production assistant. He then learned physical production as an associate producer and line producer for low-budget genre films. He also worked as a development executive on film and television projects with emerging writers and directors for ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Paramount Pictures, and Sony Pictures. Rothe-Kushel is currently director of new media for Los Angeles County and serves on the board of the Producers Guild of America. He has most recently partnered with former development executives and agents from Fox, CBS, ICM, and APA on a production and management company called Scenario based at Paramount. He lives in Los Angeles.

For Dartmouth: Rothe-Kushel is the president of Dartmouth Alumni in Entertainment (DAEMA) and Media, and a past president of the Dartmouth Club of Los Angeles. He is the president of the Club Officers Association and serves on the Alumni Council.

Tip of the hat: "When I graduated, Dartmouth alumni seemed to be very well connected in finance, medicine, law, and business. Career connections in arts and entertainment were less clear. So it's been incredibly fulfilling to foster a mentorship program that helps to clarify a path for students and young alumni from Hanover to Hollywood through DAEMA. We worked with Schuyler Evans '10 and Jessica Krug '11 to develop a program that matches students and young alumni with successful alumni, such as Shonda Rhimes '91, in film, TV, theater, new media, and news/documentaries. The mentees go through an application process, listen to a training audio delivered by a senior alum, and respond to interview questions. Once matched, they have a number of meetings with their mentor. In addition, we've created a job board; held events including mixers, panels at the Writers Guild of America, and meetings at the Producers Guild of America; and arranged for alumni to return to campus to speak to students."

You know you bleed Green when: "Your better half, your boss, your assistant, your mentor, and your mentee are also alumni. I'm pretty sure the Red Cross would have second thoughts."

By Deborah Klenotic