• 67s interact with ’17s

    67s interact with ’17s at the Second College Grant. (photo: Eli Burakian '00)

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    Wednesday, September 18, 2013
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It’s a small pin, and the interaction only takes seconds, but it’s a gesture that represents Dartmouth’s enduring traditions and its generations of students and alumni.

As 1,000 new Dartmouth students arrived on the Parkhurst Hall lawn this past Sunday to formally matriculate at the College, they received a warm greeting and a glittering “17” pin from members of the Class of 1967.

Stacey Benton ’17 posted this photo of her pin on Instagram. (photo: Stacey Benton '17)

“Receiving my ’17 pin from a ’67 made me realize that I am now connected to every person who came here before me,” said Stacey Benton ’17 of Phoenix, Arizona. “It is an awesome feeling knowing that Dartmouth is a family. I am truly honored and humbled to be here.”

When a photo of Matriculation was shared on Twitter, Tom Shanahan ‘00 wrote, “Still have my lapel pin! What a great day—meeting the #Dartmouth '60s will always remain a fond memory.”

Paul Killebrew ’67 of Lyme, NH was one of the alumni at 2013 Matriculation, held from 9 am to 3 pm the day before fall classes began. He said, “We love our traditions at Dartmouth and this is a great way to start our connection with this class. Plus it was fun, energizing, and inspiring for us to meet these amazing kids. We look forward to marching with them at Commencement, which is another wonderfully symbolic gesture.”

A member of the Class of 2017 receives a pin from Paul Killebrew '67
A member of the Class of 2017 receives a pin from Paul Killebrew '67. (photo: Eli Burakian '00)

Some of the ’17s recognized Killebrew, because they had met him few days earlier at Dartmouth’s Second College Grant, the wilderness located three hours north of Hanover. At the Grant, more than 25 members of the Class of 1967 fed the “Tripees” during Dartmouth Outing Club trips.

Every year, Dartmouth’s classes find various ways to interact with their corresponding 50-year class, including during Matriculation, Commencement, an “etiquette” dinner during Sophomore Family Weekend, and at various leadership or networking gatherings.

“We’re pleased that generations of classes can form these bonds, and presenting the pins is an especially fun and welcoming moment,” says Martha Beattie ’76, vice president for Alumni Relations. “I still remember receiving my pin from a member of the Class of 1926, and these ’17s will be giving pins to the Class of 2067! ”