• Association of Alumni Nominates Executive Committee Candidates

    Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Dartmouth Association of Alumni Committee on Nominations has nominated the following candidates for the 2016 annual election of officers:

Susan Finegan '85

First Vice President
C. Alec Casey '88

Second Vice President
Robert Higgins '81

Meg Crone Ramsden '87

Executive Committee
Lorraine Buhannic '07
Susan Dentzer '77
Amy Henry '97
Aly Jeddy '93
Kenneth Johansen '60, '62Th
Paul Killebrew '67
Andrew Son '09

The annual election for the Association of Alumni Executive Committee would be held from February 11 through March 9, 2016, if necessary (See Article V, Section 10 of the Association of Alumni constitution). The results of an election would be announced at the Association of Alumni annual meeting in Hanover on March 14, 2016. If the nominated Association of Alumni slate is uncontested, then the candidates will assume office with no election on March 14, 2016.