• Association of Alumni Announces 2016 Officers and Executive Committee Members

    Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Dartmouth Association of Alumni Committee on Nominations has nominated the following 2016 slate of candidate officers.

Executive Committee Officers

Susan Finegan '85

First Vice President
C. Alec Casey '88

Second Vice President
Robert Higgins '81

Meg Crone Ramsden '87

Executive Committee Members
Lorraine Buhannic '07
Susan Dentzer '77
Amy Henry '97
Aly Jeddy '93
Kenneth Johansen '60, '62Th
Paul Killebrew '67
Andrew Son '09

Article V, Section 10 of the Association of Alumni constitution, approved in an alumni vote on March 15, 2014, reads, "In any Association Executive Committee election in which there is only one candidate nominated by the Executive Committee for each office and there are no petition candidates (an "Uncontested Executive Committee Election"), the Association will not conduct an alumni-wide vote. Instead, the Association Executive Committee shall declare the sole candidate the winner of the Uncontested Executive Committee Election after the deadline for petition candidates has passed. The Association Executive Committee shall determine when an Uncontested Executive Committee Election has occurred and shall report the result of the election to the alumni." Since no alumni candidates have filed to run by petition by the deadline of December 14, 2015, this is an uncontested election in compliance with Article V, Section 10 and the slate listed above will assume office for the 2016-2017 Association of Alumni period on the date of the annual meeting, March 14, 2016.