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    Wednesday, May 30, 2012
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Media coverage provides a glimpse into the interesting lives of Dartmouth alumni and the varied careers they pursue.

May, 2012

Frank J. Guarini Jr. '46
Guarini will receive the Jersey City Legend Award tomorrow for a lifetime of civic accomplishment. A former state senator and U.S. congressman, Guarini has endowed many libraries and government studies centers throughout the years. The Jersey Journal says he "is a true civic giant and epitomizes honest governmental servitude and judicial intelligence and integrity."
"Preservationists to be honored by Jersey City Landmarks Conservancy" (The Jersey Journal)

Fiona A. Harrison '85
Harrison "is a professor of physics and astronomy at the California Institute of Technology and the principal investigator of NASA's Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, or NuSTAR—a telescope that is scheduled to launch into space in June and use high-energy X-rays to capture images of black holes, supernovas, and other objects in the universe with unprecedented clarity.
"At NASA, a Caltech Professor Breaks Ground for Women" (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Steven Kessner '73
Kessner grew up in a three-bedroom apartment in the Bronx and never dreamed of attending an Ivy League school until a Dartmouth recruitment officer hailed the taxi Kessner’s father drove. Today, Kessner works to show other inner-city youth their true potential through a non-profit summer camp he launched in 2010.
“Steve's Camp at Horizon Farms: Paying it Forward” (Huffington Post)

Bob Stannard '80 (feature)
Stannard has dedicated his life to providing health care in an underserved part of Chicago.
“Bringing health care to the Austin neighborhood of Chicago” (Wednesday Journal)

Harmeet K. Dhillon '89 (feature)
Dhillon, an attorney in San Francisco, decided to run for the California state legislature after she learned that no one was challenging Senator Mark Leno.
“Indian American in California district primary” (India Abroad via Rediff News)

Echo Brown '06, staff member of Challenge Day
Brown works for a non-profit, presenting on diversity, expression and bullying in high schools across the country. (The Plain Dealer, 5/20/12)
“Senior Standouts of 2002 racking up impressive accomplishments”

A. Robert Hirschfeld ’83, bishop of Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire
Hirschfeld has been selected as the next bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire. (Associated Press)
“NH church elects 10th Episcopal bishop”

Leena Al Olaimy '09AS, co-founder, 3BL Associates
Al Olaimy helps Middle East firms increase their bottom lines while focusing on social equity and environmental sustainability.(Huffington Post)
"Women Leaders of the Middle East: Leena Al Olaimy, Helping MENA Find Its Green Side"

James Bassett '78, senior litigator and partner in law firm of Orr and Reno
The governor of New Hampshire has nominated Bassett for the state Supreme Court. (Boston Globe)
"Lynch to nominate lawyer to NH Supreme Court"

Charles Wheelan '88, senior lecturer, University of Chicago
Wheelan gave a unique Class Day Speech at Dartmouth last year, delivering straight-forward advice commencement speakers have traditionally shied away from. He's since turned it into a soon-to-be-released book. (NPR)
"The 10 Things You Won't Hear At Commencement"

Brent Reidy '05 and Kabir Sehgal '05, co-founders, Music for Tomorrow
Reidy, an arts consultant, and Sehgal, an investment banker, have founded a successful non-profit backed by celebrities like Jude Law and James Gandolfini. Originally created to help jazz musicians in New Orleans find work after Hurricane Katrina, Music for Tomorrow expanded to New York City last year. (Bloomberg)
"Hedge Fund Trader Charity Finds Musician Gigs at Google"

Brandon Staglin '93, communications director, International Mental Health Research Organization
Staglin struggled tremendously after being diagnosed with schizophrenia following his first year at Dartmouth. His medication made him sleep 12 hours a day and left him emotionally deadened.  But 20 years later, Staglin is thriving as communications director at the International Mental Health Research Organization, a foundation his family created to raise money for brain research. (Forbes)
"A Father's Battle to Change The Future Of Brain Research"

Sarah Hood Fraser ’98, assistant athletic director at Brown University
Hood fondly recounts her days playing hockey at Dartmouth. (The Daily Mining Gazette)
“Hood a women’s hockey pioneer” 

Ayorkor Korsah '01, professor of computer science at Ashesi University in Ghana
Korsah is a co-founder of The African Robotics Network. The group works to strengthen communication and collaboration among the many institutions and individuals working on robotics in Africa. (Spectrum)
"African Project Aims To Innovate in Educational Robotics"