• Alumni Association Announces Special Meeting

    Sunday, February 12, 2006
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In accordance with Article III (2) of the Constitution of the Association of Alumni of Dartmouth College and Section 4 of the Guidelines for Conduct of Meetings of the Association of Alumni of Dartmouth College, the executive committee gives notice that a special meeting of the Association shall be held in Hanover, New Hampshire on Sunday, February 12, 2006 at Hopkin Center's Spaulding Auditorium (or such other location as the executive committee may designate) at 11:00 AM for the purpose of considering and voting upon an amendment to Article VII of the Constitution concerning the process for amendment of the Constitution.

The motion and amendment proposed by the executive committee are as follows:

Moved, that Article VII of the Constitution of the Association of Alumni of Dartmouth College be amended to read as follows:

The executive committee or any one percent of the voting members of the Association may, in accordance with a schedule and procedures adopted by the executive committee, file with the Secretary a proposed amendment to this constitution. The Secretary shall, pursuant to procedures adopted by the balloting committee, send to each voting member of the Association, by mail or other appropriate means, an official ballot and related material containing the proposed amendment and such other information as shall be required by the balloting committee. The proposed amendment shall be adopted if it is approved bya two-thirds vote of all Association members who cast votes.

Any changes in the time or location of the special meeting will be posted on this web site.

Questions concerning this notice and the special meeting should be directed to: Sally.Bourdon@Dartmouth.Edu or (603) 646-3929.