May 16–18, 2019

The Academic Affairs Committee spring meeting featured an overview of 2019 Alumni Relations Lifelong Learning programming and information on program history and trends for Dartmouth on Location and Alumni Travel events. Information presented to committee members also included statistics on Lifelong Learning faculty participation. The meeting also included a discussion about featuring prominent alumni in Lifelong Learning programming as well as a discussion of non-Lifelong Learning educational opportunities for alumni. The committee transitioned to a discussion of the Rassias Award nomination process, concluding that the nomination process should begin in the fall to give the committee sufficient time to choose a candidate by the spring. The Director of Alumni Engagement for Tuck, Renee Hirschberg, presented on Tuck Lifelong Learning, noting successful engagement in the virtual learning program and opportunities to work more closely with Lifelong Learning on programming with undergraduate students and alumni. The committee discussed opportunities for future Lifelong Learning initiatives and the role of the committee, including recognition of alumni publications and faculty-recommended works. Jonathan Lazarow ’05 will serve as chair, and Omar Rashid ’00 will serve as vice chair.