May 17–19, 2018

Chair Barbara Rollins ’84 greeted the committee. The recent Alumni Day of Service, on which 37 projects were held around the country, was discussed. Photos of participants can be found on Flickr. Project successes included the involvement of new organizations and co-sponsoring of projects, which could lead to increased collaboration for future events. Challenges included communicating with a single point of contact for each project, the timing of project creation and registration, and publicity. The committee provides infrastructure/event ideas to groups who wouldn’t otherwise plan an event. Ideas to incentivize participation include recognition for the top three service projects, service projects in different categories, or the “best new project.” Post-event communication with participants is key.  A month of service or “season” of service might provide more flexibility.

The committee discussed how to support the mission of the committee with projects around the 250th anniversary of Dartmouth, Reunions, and the Call to Lead campaign, as well as how to partner with Dartmouth clubs to attract potential applicants to the College.

The committee then learned about the Bridges to Impact program. This fellowship program, designed to help students find jobs in the nonprofit sector, is in its first year in New York and Washington, DC. Students are paired with an older and younger alum. Committee members could assist with finding mentors; help get the word out via the Alumni Council; help identify individuals to build the program out in other regions; and share model communication with friends or others who might be willing to lead a program in their own region.

The committee mission statement was revised to read: The Dartmouth Alumni Council Service Committee fosters the Dartmouth spirit by connecting alumni to one another to address needs in their local communities around the world. We encourage alumni engagement through community service and work with the College and alumni groups to facilitate service organized by and for alumni, including the annual Dartmouth Alumni Day of Service.

Rachel Bogardus Drew ’98 will become chair. David Dietze ’78 was unanimously elected vice-chair.