October 26–28, 2017

Committee Chair C. Alec Casey ’88 opened the meeting and introduced new members of the committee. The committee considered proposed revisions to the committee charge, put forth by Vice Chair Carrie Fraser ’86, Th’87, to more accurately reflect the committee’s working in helping guide councilor communications. The committee reviewed metrics from the 2017 spring council communications and discussed goal setting for improved communications. Discussion centered around how councilors can more efficiently and effectively communicate with their constituents, with a focus on the pre- and post-meeting templates. The committee also discussed improved training for new councilors; how to deploy best practices in email communications; and how the committee can provide councilors with clearer expectations and guidance on customization. Kristin Maffei, social media manager for Dartmouth Alumni Relations, presented councilors with an update and highlights of how Alumni Relations is using social media and current efforts to partner with Alumni Council on social media efforts.