May 18–20, 2017

Committee Chair John Banks ‘90 opened the session with a welcome and a preview of the meeting.

Lee Coffin, vice provost for enrollment and dean of admissions and financial aid, opened his discussion by addressing his impressions of Dartmouth during his first full admissions cycle at the College. Over the course of the year, Dean Coffin was intentional regarding who admissions was seeking to recruit (who is the best “fit” for the College), what their impact would be on the Dartmouth community, and how we can yield these students. He discussed the impact of the alumni interview report as an important assessment of fit for Dartmouth and a helpful source of context for the applicant’s file.

Meg Lysy ’99, Director of the Admissions Ambassador Program (AAP), presented “A Year in the Life of an Admissions Ambassador.” Meg shared examples of stewardship and training that the AAP staff provided to volunteers throughout the admissions cycle. Meg emphasized the AAP’s efforts to communicate the impact of the interview report on admissions decisions, and she sought advice as to how her team supports volunteers who may be discouraged when their interviewees are not admitted. A productive discussion ensued regarding the successes and challenges of recruiting, stewarding, and retaining admissions ambassadors from year to year.

Eric Taylor ’84 will be the next vice-chair of the committee. John Banks ’90 closed the meeting with a thanks to the committee and encouragement to keep in touch with the AAP team with ideas and suggestions.