May 12-14, 2016

Committee chair Nancy Woolf welcomed the Alumni Service Committee members and thanked them for their work on the recent Alumni Day of Service that was held on May 7, 2016. A debrief about the 2016 Alumni Day of Service followed. There were 34 service projects in 18 states, representing a 40 percent increase in projects over last year. 233 people registered to participate online, but there were six projects that used their own local registration tool so we are following up with them to gather their attendance numbers. 

The committee selected Saturday, May 6, 2017 for the 2017 Day of Service, which is not Mother’s Day Weekend.

Jean Romeo gave a presentation about the results of the Moosilauke Forum survey that she worked with the ALC on which was focused on Alumni Service and ran this spring. She shared the following information:

  • 66 percent of alumni are interested in new opportunities for volunteering
  • There is more interest in the Alumni Day of Service among alumni under age 30
  • Two factors that are most important are to help a specific cause and make a difference in the community
  • 39 percent of alumni had not heard about the Alumni Day of Service
  • 39 percent found the Alumni Day of Service appealing (as did 62 percent under age 30), 40 percent were neutral, 20 percent found it unappealing.
  • 71 percent who found it appealing said that was due to the opportunity to meet fellow Dartmouth alumni (especially the young alumni)
  • Lessons learned included:
    • There is an opportunity to brand the Alumni Day of Service (Connects alumni together with meaningful opportunities)
    • Messaging: Intersect impactful event and social interaction
    • Awareness: Increased awareness builds appeal
    • Consider a brand name: For example, “Dartmouth Doing”

The committee discussed the strategic direction of the committee. Much of it will relate to the Dartmouth Center for Service so there will be a more substantive conversation about this at the fall meeting. While the committee built upon its infrastructure for the Alumni Day of Service, there is still a lot of room for growth of this project. However, it is also time to consider how the committee can expand upon service opportunities for alumni. 

The committee approved Barbara Rollins as vice chair of the committee. Monica Higgins will serve as chair of the committee.