May 12–14, 2016

The Alumni Liaison Committee (ALC) met in Hanover twice during the 212th Alumni Council meeting. Its first meeting was held on Thursday, May 12. The committee discussed the ALC’s annual report and timeline for production.

The committee discussed the expansion of social media coverage of the meeting by Alumni Councilors.  A communications toolkit was offered to councilors, including such tools as the pre-meeting email template, downloadable campus photos, and sample text for social media postings. Councilors have been designated to live tweet and post on Instagram during the meeting.

Jean Romeo, director of market research, discussed the Moosilauke Forum Alumni Service survey results. The following items, pertaining specifically to the Alumni Day of Service, were noted:

  • Overall appeal of the concept: It resonates with younger alumni deeply.
  • Need to increase current awareness of the program
  • Importance of messaging and communications about the event

Lou Spelios reviewed the agenda for the Saturday morning breakfast meeting with President Hanlon and trustee John Replogle ’88 in preparation for that gathering.

The second meeting was held on Saturday, May 14, with President Hanlon and trustee John Replogle. Alumni Council president Jennifer Avellino provided a recap of the 212th Alumni Council meeting, the theme of which was “Global Dartmouth.” A group of students concerned about faculty diversity and tenure contacted the Dartmouth Asian Pacific Alumni Association (DAPAA) alumni council representative and met with him over the course of the weekend. The students were invited to attend the Open Forum of the Council on Saturday morning to speak to councilors about this topic.

The committee discussed the tenure process for faculty. They also discussed the topic of diversity and inclusion on campus. 

John Replogle spoke about the layers of communication, and the committee discussed ways for councilors to inform their constituents directly about current events on campus.