October 22–24, 2015

The Alumni Service Committee debriefed new and visiting members regarding last year’s Day of Service, 2015. It was announced that the 2016 Day of Service will be held on Saturday, May 7. All agreed that the longer lead time for planning this year will be beneficial.

  1. A general communication will be sent before the end of the year
  2. All registration will go through iModules
  3. A link will be provided to a survey that people can fill out if they are interested in coordinating a project or interested in volunteering.
  4. The clubs will be used as “hubs” broadly communicating opportunities in their areas. They will receive names of people who are interested in their area.
  5. We will revisit the mission at the spring council meeting.

The meeting included Theresa Ellis, Director of the Center for Service, who gave a status update on the new Center for Service. As of July 1, the Center for Service is a stand-alone center, and has three people staffing it. She hopes to hire four more people by January. 

Theresa is spending her time on-boarding her new hires; interviewing for future hires; and preparing for the upcoming campaign (building the business case for support); and developing new programming.

The mission of the Center is to prepare students for a life of purpose; whether it be in the social sector or in the area of corporate responsibility.

Some top priorities for the Center include:

  1. Providing access for students who want to volunteer in the Upper Valley by creating an online searchable database for students.
  2. Continuing to scale current programs such as Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth and Big Brother/Big Sister.
  3. Continuing to partner with Rocky and the MLDP program to develop more field training programs for leadership roles.
  4. Providing support to students who are interested in starting a non-profit venture or social sector ventures.
  5. Partnering with the Center for Professional Development and providing exposure to current programs.
  6. Strengthening and understanding alumni networks and the Ivy Plus communities.
  7. Mapping faculty research interests and how they relate to the Center
  8. Conducting a community needs assessment—what do you really need from Dartmouth College?
  9. Piloting two immersion trips

We will invite Theresa to our spring meeting to talk further about how the Alumni Service Committee can support their priorities.

The Committee will meet once per month for the next several months, and more often as we get closer to the Day of Service.  At our next meeting, scheduled for November 16, we will outline a timeline and communication plan for the Day of Service.