May 14–16, 2015

Committee chair Barry Caldwell ’82 introduced Roger Woolsey, Director of The Center for Professional Development (CPD), who updated committee members on the CPD’s new Professional Development Accelerator (PDA) program for first-year students. Members of the Class of 2018 are the first to participate in the PDA program, which is intended to jump start the career development process through early engagement, skill-building and programming. Rog reported that 47% of the members of the Class of 2018 enrolled in the PDA, that the CPD saw a 53% increase in first-year student engagement this year, and that 63% of the PDA members are using the CPD’s new phone app.

Two CPD staff members, Nicholas Alberts and Eduardo Najera-Ortega ’14, demonstrated Dartmouth Circles, an online platform for recruiting that the CPD is testing as an alternative to the existing DartBoard platform. Dartmouth Circles is a next-generation platform offering in-platform messaging, conferencing and video capability. Dartmouth is the first educational institution to adopt the platform, and the CPD is heavily involved in its development. The Professional Development Committee will work with the CPD and the Dartmouth for Life team to look at possible ways that alumni might interact with Dartmouth Circles.

The three working groups that were established in December updated the committee on their progress:

  • The Technology Working Group will coordinate a pilot resume review project early next fall, with Alumni Council members reviewing resumes for current students using the CPD’s UserVoice platform. The group also plans to work with the Dartmouth for Life team and the CPD on the Dartmouth Alumni Linked In group, the implementation of Dartmouth Circles and the career section of the new Alumni Relations website.
  • The Alumni-Student Connections working group held its first event on the Thursday of Alumni Council. While student turnout was lower than hoped for, the event was extremely well received by those who attended. The panel was excellent, and the committee appreciates the support of the councilors who participated.
  • The Diversifying Employment Opportunities group has held an initial meeting and is looking at ways to support students interested in less traditional employment paths.
  • The Alumni-to-Alumni Committee will begin its work after reunions.

Committee vice-chair Dan Zenkel ’80 will become chair of the committee. At the meeting’s conclusion, an election for vice-chair was held. After the meeting, it was announced that David Hetzel ’72 was elected to serve as vice-chair of the Committee for the 2015-16 year.