Committee chair Aly Jeddy ’93 led a conversation focused on the outcomes of the May 2nd Alumni Day of Service. Overall, the Committee was pleased with the results as the first Day of Service, as it met many of the initial goals of the Day. Outcomes included 22 communities participated and 24 projects took place. In addition, there was good cross- class representation not only at the project coordinator level, but also in project participation. Families were involved in projects and one class coordinated a mini-reunion around the Day.

While the Committee at first had considered having a theme for the Day, such as “access to education”, the Committee found that most projects supported human services programs, such as volunteering at a food banks.

The Committee followed up with the project service coordinators to ask what worked well and how could we have prepared them better for their Day of Service. Simple ideas such as serving coffee and food at the event, wearing Dartmouth T-shirts, and working with organizations that have their own sign- up links were mentioned. In terms of how the Committee could have better prepared them, suggestions included providing supplemental materials with suggestions for types of events or tips to plan the event. In addition, assistance with on-line registration and marketing of the event more broadly would be helpful.

As far as suggestions for next year, there was interest in perhaps pushing the Day back to April, when it might be “less hectic”, though weather could be a factor. Again, more marketing of the Day from the College would be helpful.

Interim Dean of the Tucker Foundation Theresa Ellis gave an overview of the Center for Service. The two areas of focus short-term include providing every student the opportunity to volunteer. In addition, the Center will work to deepen the “experience” for learning for students interested in careers in the non-profit.

As for next steps, the Committee wants to consider how to make the execution of a Day of Service easier for Clubs and interested parties. Also under consideration is, beyond a Day of Service, what should this Committee focus on for the year ahead.

The committee’s current vice-chair Nancy Stein Woolf ’86 will become the chair for the 2015-2016 year. Monica Higgins ’86, Tu’90 was elected vice-chair for the 2015-2016 year.