October 23–27, 2014

The Honorary Degree Committee extended an invitation to Mimi Simpson T’89, executive director of the president’s office, to address the committee and describe the College’s honorary degree process.  This process includes soliciting nominations from the Dartmouth faculty, staff, and students, in addition to the alumni nominations submitted by this committee. After deliberations by the College Council of Honorary Degrees, which is comprised of six faculty members from across the campus, and President Hanlon, a short list is presented to the Board of Trustees for approval.  Recipients must be available to receive the honor in person and cannot be running for political office.

After Mimi’s presentation, the committee reviewed the list of viable candidates for Commencement 2016 and assigned further research to every member of the committee.  Presentation of the research will occur during conference calls in the winter and spring in preparation for the selection of the Commencement 2016 nominees during the meeting next May.