The Alumni Liaison Committee (ALC) met in Hanover twice during Alumni Council. The first meeting was held on Thursday, October 24. Committee chair Marty Lempres ’84 opened the meeting. John “J.B.” Daukas ’84 reported that the Association of Alumni (AOA) Executive Committee has approved a constitutional amendment that will address uncontested trustee and AOA elections. This will be put forth for an alumni vote. Mark Davis ’81, ’84Tu, reported that the Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity and Inclusion completed its final report and delivered it to President Philip Hanlon ’77. The 2012-13 annual report of the ALC was shared with the Advancement Committee of the Board of Trustees earlier in October and then a link to the report was emailed to all alumni and posted online. Committee members are interested in additional ways to communicate and collect feedback, and hope to collaborate with the Office of Alumni Relations on a potential alumni survey.

The committee met again on Saturday, October 26, with President Hanlon, trustees Steve Mandel ’78 (chair), Sherri Oberg ’82, ’86Tu, and Emily P. Bakemeier ’82, vice president for Alumni Relations Martha Beattie ’76, and senior vice president for Advancement Bob Lasher ’88. Mark Davis provided an update of the Alumni Council meeting to date and the final report on the Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, to be presented to the council later that morning. J.B. Daukas briefed the president and the trustees on the proposed AOA constitutional amendment. Committee members reported on alumni feedback they have received in the Alumni Council year and discussed communication goals.