Committee chair Jay Benson ’90, ’96Tu opened the meeting. Jonathan Goldstein, executive director of communications for development, made a presentation about the Dartmouth website enhancements and iModules. He was joined by Diana Lawrence ’11MALS, senior managing director for alumni communications; James Barkley ’06, manager of online services; and James Payne, managing director for new media/advancement. Diana Lawrence discussed recent revisions to the Dartmouth alumni relations website. The presenters then discussed the iModules product. It will provide classes, clubs, and other alumni groups with a content management system for their use.

Jay Benson, who also serves on the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine editorial board, mentioned that the magazine is going through a process of digitizing all of the archived issues of the magazine. It will provide great links to articles for individual websites.

Vice chair Greg Chittim ’01, ’02Th made a presentation about the Google calendar he has created that allows councilors to import the council schedule into their own personal calendars. Alumni Council deadlines (for example, the deadline to send council communications to constituents) can also be added.

Lynne Gaudet ’81, director of alumni leadership, shared the recent councilor communications metrics. Following the 205th Alumni Council meeting in the fall, 97 out of 111 councilors with constituencies sent an email. Communications Committee member Steve Geanacopoulos ’74 prepared the meeting summary last fall and the majority of councilors used it. He will create a summary for the 206th meeting. An open discussion pertaining to College communications followed.

Greg Chittim will become chair for the 2013-14 year and Peter Elias ’69 was elected to serve as vice chair during that same period. James Napoli, assistant director for class activities, will become secretary to the committee.